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Mother Holds Teenage Daughter Who's Still Alive but Split in Half by a Truck
India, Last Wednesday a businessman and granddad used his bike to drop his granddaughter (15) at school. After a while a speeding truck hit the bike and dragged the bike for some distance resulting in the teenager being cut in half.

After the accident, the truck driver, ran a few miles away from the accident scene before surrendering to police.

After the crash people warned the girl's mother, who lives close to the accident scene. Upon arrival all she could do was holding and comforting her daughter who was still alive. She told her mom that she loves her and save me mama.

The granddad was transported to the hospital in serious condition while the daughter died 10 minutes later. she was cremated on last Thursday.
She would have turned 16 in 2 months.
16,614 views May 31, 2017
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Realwounds6 Level 1 12 points
That's amazing, at least her mom was there with her
+1 vote
Aug 17, 2017
Billknight Level 1 200 points
Her clothing bill has just halved
–1 vote
Sep 25, 2017
IndiaShouldBeNuked Level 1 36 points
I love how Casual it feels. She's just chilling by her other half.
0 votes
Mar 11
THEAD Level 1 57 points
The pain is so great that she feels no more pain anymore, except she feels like she is fating wile slowly she is dying. That is why she is so casual and not panicking. Because of the dumbness of the pain she cannot see her other half anymore. But she knows she is dying cause she remembers what was the last thing she saw.
THEAD Level 1 57 points
It is LOVELY that she at least had time to tell her mother that she loves her. At least those 10 minutes they had together was time enough to say the most important things to each other before she went to the other side were we all will go one day. Nobody escapes death, except this girl went there too young.
0 votes
Jul 11
rb Level 5 16,764 points
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