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OmG!!! Face Split in Half and Still Breathing.
Watch the beginning of the video to see how it happened, then towards the end you see the doctors pull his face together like a smashed melon and he's BREATHING!!
586,959 views Dec 13, 2017

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Slumerica Addicted 1,920 points
Wow I've heard of buttheads but this is the elusive pussy face.
+34 votes
Feb 22, 2021
Roostergod Beginner 218 points
lmao thats fucked up
OBrasileiro Intermediate 1,375 points
This reminds me of the video where the guy failed to suicide my aiming the shotgun at under the jaw but pointing up, missing the brain mass, he didn't have a face anymore but he was also breathing
+29 votes
Aug 26, 2021
Rex Black Intermediate 1,075 points
I hope they gave him a shit ton of pain medication
+25 votes
Aug 26, 2021
Batshitcrazy Experienced 373 points
Fuck a few stitches and he'll be fine.
+25 votes
Sep 4, 2021
Alpha_Kenny_Body Experienced 422 points
Two face just became a real thing
+24 votes
Sep 4, 2021
Hate Fucking mankind Well-Known 921 points
Second man jump most better than fisrt .
+26 votes
Apr 11
TheHound Addicted 1,991 points
One of the oldest and most infamous videos on gore sites.  No one is sure if Predator from the second half is the same guy that face planted in the beginning.
+25 votes
May 3
GTTFNG141 73 points
Seen this on Instagram before
+25 votes
May 4
SukaShenya Beginner 225 points
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+22 votes
May 29
jolth_31 45 points
Supposedly Beirut 2006. It is not known if they are 2 different videos?
+22 votes
May 31
The Non Smoker Intermediate 1,165 points
Just end his life, he is gone, no point in keeping him alive with his irrecoverable suffering, just inject euthanasia and provide humane death.
+22 votes
Jun 17
It's me Mario Advanced 2,989 points
Looks just like luigi
+20 votes
Jun 17
NEWBIE Overlord 5,110 points
Idiot indian nigger... Cannot calculate the distance of water from the land... Deserves it
+22 votes
Jun 18
Roostergod Beginner 218 points
REALLY hate when ppl start screaming, UR NOT HELPPING SO STFU!!
+21 votes
Jun 25
7SN Intermediate 1,352 points
Better to leave him in the sea
+20 votes
Jun 27
64nine Experienced 346 points
Dont wrry coco the monkey is OK
+20 votes
Jun 28
смерть Famous 3,756 points
his fault
+19 votes
Jul 1
Kermit Trafficker Intermediate 1,248 points
+17 votes
Jul 2
GiuseZagato Intermediate 1,327 points
+14 votes
Jul 8
Whitenoise 98 points
Bro if I survived that shit and my face looked like a vagina,  I'd just fucking kill myself. Like holy shit how is he still alive after making the while river red.
+4 votes
Jul 19
Herkzno Morth Addicted 2,145 points
This video is probably fake
+2 votes
Jul 23
zoran Famous 3,467 points
zoran Famous 3,467 points
Cool i guess
ZODIAC Experienced 351 points
Okay :(
0 votes
Jul 27
Bill cosby Beginner 168 points
First real ass demagorgen ive seen in real life.
0 votes
Jul 31
Hate Fucking mankind Well-Known 921 points
IT WAS (Second jump better than first) 26 likes THANK YOU.
0 votes
Aug 2
yourfavoriteblackkid 4 points
who else came from a roblox emo tiktok video
0 votes
Aug 11
Graham Smith1 Beginner 140 points
0 votes
1 day ago
Leo Omega 24,764 points
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