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About: The side of the neck and throat just about even with the Adam’s apple. This area contains the Carotid Artery and Jugular Vein. If either is cut the attacker will bleed to death very rapidly. The Carotid is approximately 1.5″ below the surface of the skin, and if severed unconsciousness, will result in death in approximately 5-15 seconds.

A powerful cut to the outer side of the Pectoral muscle can potentially sever the cephalic vein, which will bleed profusely.

A powerful cut across the front of the Deltoid muscle may sever the cephalic vein.

A slashing cut across the biceps can disable any motion of the arm and can cause rapid blood loss.

A slashing cut across the inside of the elbow joint. In addition to the numerous veins, this area also contains the ligaments that enable motion in the forearm.

A horizontal cut across the neck and throat will not only sever your Jugular Vein and cause death, but will also cut the trachea and ligaments that control movement of the head.

A powerful slash across your Pectoral muscle will destroy your ability to throw punches with any power.

A powerful vertical slash, leading to the penetration of the abdominal wall, will result in loss of motion and possible disembowelment.

A powerful horizontal slash to the abdomen, leading to the successful penetration of the abdominal wall, will result in loss of motion and possible disembowelment.

A more than one-inch penetrating slash to the inside of the forearm between the radius and ulna bones will sever the radial artery (this artery runs across the top of the radius bone 2-4 inches behind the base of your thumb). Severing the radial artery can result in unconsciousness in as little as 30 seconds, and death in as little as two minutes.

The Brachial artery runs along the inside of your arms. This artery is deep, but severing it will result in unconsciousness in as little as 15 seconds, and death in as little as 90 seconds.

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