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Woman crushed to death in gym Mexico

Mum crushed to death at gym trying to lift 400lb barbell the weight of a gorilla

The tragedy happened at a Gym Fitness Sport centre in Peralvillo, Mexico City, where the woman tried to lift the massive barbell in front of her daughter


Joe Golder, Laura Sharman

12:41, 23 Feb 2022 UPDATED12:43, 23 Feb 2022


A gym-goer has died trying to lift a massive 400lb barbell weighing the equivalent of a gorilla.

The woman reportedly tried to lift the colossal weight in front of her daughter at Gym Fitness Sport gymnasium in Mexico on Monday.


But the barbell appeared to be too heavy and it fell on her, crushing her neck onto the bench and killing her on the spot.

Footage shows the small woman attempting to lift the barbell at the gym in Peralvillo, Cuauhtemoc, in the Mexican capital Mexico City.

Others at the gym immediately rushed to help her after the 397lb barbell fell on the back of her neck, leaving her slumping to the floor lifeless.

One man can be seen lying her on her side as they all look on in apparent shock.

The woman, who has not been named but who was reportedly between 35 and 40 years old, was exercising at the gym when tragedy struck.

The clip shows a man adjusting the weights on the device before the woman positions herself to lift it.

But it all goes horribly wrong, and the bar immediately hits the back of her neck, pinning her down.

The man and the young girl try to lift the barbell off the woman to free her, but their attempts are in vain.

Two other people then come over and help lift the device, with the woman then slumping lifeless on the floor.

Her daughter was reportedly very affected by the incident and is believed to be receiving psychological support.

An investigation into the incident has been launched by the state prosecutor's office.

The gym owner, who has not been named, was reportedly briefly arrested in order to confirm the woman's identity.

134,654 views Feb 24, 2022

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LatinGayGuy Intermediate 1,064 points
Clearly the gym trainer is guilty! That woman was under his responsibility
+9 votes
Feb 24, 2022
I I just read in a Mexican news website that the man was not a trainer he was just another client
Fuck Adolf Newsom Addicted 1,886 points
The uniquely Americunt philosophical concept of "personal responsibility" needs to stop. It's killing people.
this is why you don't ego lift, kids, eat your protein, train at your weight
just stick to your plan, do not try to impress other people, ITS ABOUT DRIVE ITS ABOUT POWER
put your headphones on, and destroy your body (not like in the video)
+7 votes
Feb 24, 2022
JEWS R SEWAGE Addicted 2,038 points
@pussifer Good suggestions for sure. I remember trying to impress some folks while lifting one day, I ended up ripping a rotator cuff on my right shoulder and I’m paying a hefty price to this day for it.
LatinGayGuy Intermediate 1,064 points
You must have a nice body
LatinGayGuy Intermediate 1,064 points
You are totally wrong
mordax Beginner 225 points
nothing to do with "ego lift", she was stupid and paid for it. i'm glad one less stupid in this world.
why stupid? because i rather underestimate my strenght than over-estimate. i dont instantly lift anything, i first get the "feel" of the weight and make sure i can actually lift it. i have NEVER in my life dropped any weights i lifted. not talking about a gym, i mean real weights. like lifting heavy cement bag ..etc.
heaviest thing i ever lifted was probably like 300-400kg, which was bit too much. it was a sandbag on a small truck and i grabbed it on my back and pulled it off the truck. only later when i thought about it, it was really stupid, i could have broken my ankles. i dragged it a bit and thought its not that heavy, but when the weight hit me, it was fucking heavy .. still i was able to walk with it for about 10 meters and put it down without injuries, but it did hurt my ankles.

so dont do stupid things people! know what you are liftint and dont push it.
diedinjuly Veteran 10,472 points
ebay: like new weight lifting machine
*slightly haunted*
+7 votes
Feb 24, 2022
chancho The Boss 25,854 points
dumb cow believed she was going to hook it back as if nothing
+5 votes
Feb 24, 2022
Killer on the road Natural Addict 8,472 points
dumb bitch
+3 votes
Feb 28, 2022
UwU-Apartments Experienced 432 points
She tried squatting in the squat rack for the first time, with 405 lbs

TBH that of itself is a flex
0 votes
Jul 19, 2022
Skullcandy Intermediate 1,202 points
It's sad a mom is dying in front of daughter
+2 votes
Jul 19, 2022
cerezita Extreme Poster 669 points
so sad D: the daughter trying to help (╥﹏╥)
0 votes
Jun 27, 2023
llllllllllllll 67 points
how did you plan to upload that?
you are a woman not a man
+1 vote
Aug 25, 2023
Natural Addict 7,215 points
Always makes me laugh
0 votes
Nov 6, 2023
Ramen2039 14 points
lol stupid
0 votes
Nov 6, 2023
ElTeporopo Addicted 1,836 points
Stupid Mexican't.
+1 vote
Nov 6, 2023
Marshall75 Advanced 2,732 points
Too bad she wasn’t just paralyzed so her cunt continue to provide joy to the drug addicts and homeless niggers in the city.
+1 vote
Nov 10, 2023
Fuck Adolf Newsom Addicted 1,886 points
Have you ever been to Mexico City? I have, and only a few poorer neighbourhoods are like how you described. Same goes for every city. I bet you never leave your cornfield.
ADAMLANZA Addicted 1,693 points
Why did he even let her lift that much
+1 vote
Nov 14, 2023
~RoadKill~ Intermediate 1,184 points
Im sure you're asking rhetorically; however, let me butt in and answer anyway ... First off, he wants to get laid, right from the gate he csn't even add 2+2.  Once reality gives him a bitch slap, confusion has simply rendrered macho man into pęe-wee Herman.  Right now he is more in the way, than a help to anyone.  Just one p.o.v.)
TheHound Overlord 6,631 points
Where are the safety bars on the squat rack that are supposed to stop this very thing from happening? Okay, Smith machine, but still.
+1 vote
Dec 4, 2023
mordax Beginner 225 points
LOL i find it very funny and pathetic how a girl was able to lift that weight off the hooks, but that macho-wannabe mountain of a man couldn't even nudge it.
0 votes
Dec 11, 2023
Fuck Adolf Newsom Addicted 1,886 points
I'd fuck her corpse
0 votes
Dec 14, 2023
raksoel Extreme Poster 501 points
Stronger, stupider. And the stupid friend most concerned about doing her hair.
0 votes
Dec 29, 2023
niggerhunter666 Experienced 347 points
1 no spotter (DUMB AS FUCK). 2 WAY TOO MUCH WEIGHT. 3 rip
0 votes
Jan 2
Imp722 13 points
She was so stupid, I hope her daughter is okay.
0 votes
Jan 16
Sussy Baka The Boss 27,818 points