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About: Anglo , Caucasian race.

The Jews promote degeneracy to harm the European Race from the inside because it causes societal breakdown. When a society breaks down, freedom is lost because the foundations of freedom are destroyed. For instance, the law is a foundation of freedom because it is meant to protect freedom by stopping others from curtailing one's own freedom. When degeneracy sets into society, laws made to stop degeneracy are abandoned, the effect of this is to harm freedom.The Jews attempt to steer the European Race into degeneracy for this very effect, to breakdown the European Race by breaking down the Law to cause a condition of societal chaos, just as the Jews did to Russia to set up Russia for the Communist Revolution in 1917 which the Jews ran, and in Germany in 1930. The Jews plan is to incrementally assassinate the European Race so the Jews can take over the world and kill billions of people and enslave everyone else. Thus, exactly like the Jews did to Russia in 1917, but on a larger scale. In 1917, Jews from the Manhattan banking district went over to Russia to murder the Czar and his family and start the Communist Revolution where the Jews killed 100 million of the European Race, and then to hide it, the Jews fabricated the story of "6 million Jews being killed". The Jews fabricated the "6 million Jews being killed" lie way before WW2 even started, this is a documented fact with many old newspaper articles indisputably proving it.

The term "racism" is an extremely deceptive and evil term on which the Jews contrived. The reason why the term "racism" is extremely evil is because people will always naturally prefer thier own race, this is a law of nature and is a good thing. However, the Jews created the term "racism" to equate this God given law of nature with hate. Thus, the Jews are brainwashing the European Race into the idea that it is hateful and evil to prefer one's own race. In reality, all races should prefer their own race. The innate, God given drive to preserve ones own blood is what keeps a race strong because it stops invading races from competing for resources in the same geographical area and killing off the invaded race.The Jews are trying to incrementally assassinate the European Race by using non-white invasion as a weapon against the European Race, among other methods. From this the term "racism" which the Jews contrives, the Jews have built a platform of lies that includes the following ideas being used by the Jews to incrementally assassinate the European Race: Diversity. Multiculturalism. Equality of outcome. Social justice. Affirmative action. Immigration from the third-world into European Race countries. Open boarders. The Jews are able to brainwash awareness of the masses into accepting these insidious ideas because the Jews completely own every single media outlet there is including all school textbooks.The Jews are creating the same situation in America the Jews created in South Africa where the nonwhites are openly killing off the European Race.

The Jews are the enemy. If the Jews cause Communism in America they will take your guns and order the nonwhites attack the European Race. Therefore, keep the guns. Thus, the European Race, absolutely and without question, must split America into many separate nations, or will certainly pay the price of hundreds of millions of the European Race in America being killed off by the Jews, just as the Jews killed 100 million of the European Race when the Jews ran the Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917. The European Race must create a political party/parties to achieve this.

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