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Molester burn to death
18,098 views Oct 18

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Tanel Level 1 754 points
Very wrong music to go with this :D
–1 vote
Oct 18
wacky_quack Level 1 307 points
sex tourism is a death trap
0 votes
Oct 18
Jew Slayer Level 1 473 points
What is it about the niggers arabs and chinamen they want to molest and rape young children ? This is sickness at its lowest level and MUST be stopped ..
+1 vote
Oct 18
wacky_quack Level 1 307 points
he ain't a nigger or Arab ya dumb fuck... looks like one of em european sex tourist Crowleys
Billknight Level 1 257 points
It’s totally out of order, the way things are going there will be none left for us white folk to fuck
Sussy Baka Level 1 804 points
Its brazil
Man shut up gringos are like this too, sometimes are even worse. So it's not the race u dumb fuck, is the shitty people.
shit on cock Level 3 4,492 points
because they are intimidated by grown women... probably wont get hard to fuck a regular grown woman , Lmao
Sussy Baka Level 1 804 points
Ive heard the guy was burned because he murdered one of his family member during a prison riot
–2 votes
Oct 19
Real_Misanthrope Level 1 763 points
This was funny to watch. XD
–1 vote
Nov 26
thats what they do wasnt better than rape
0 votes
6 days ago
TheDevilsAngel Level 3 3,742 points
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