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Boyfriend Killed Girlfriend

Why is the ME fingering her holes?

I remember when I was stabbed at a nightclub 3xs I bled like 10 women on a menstraul cycle at the same time and wouldn't stop. One on my face left jaw bone just above my neck, one one the back of my left arm and by my elbow

5,939 views Aug 19, 2018
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robbievik Level 1 155 points
a savage like that should get the same treatment
–1 vote
Sep 29, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 95 points
oh realy but you sick bastard , said what happened to that inocent kitten was "hot we need to see more" you SICK EVIL PIECE OF NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
robbievik Level 1 155 points
go eat out a dead corps
robbievik Level 1 155 points
go eat out a dead corps you bag of shit
theredwatercomesout Level 1 91 points
To answer OP @rb they were trying to see how deep the wounds were
0 votes
2 days ago
rb Level 5 16,745 points
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