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Dude fuck the car
Fucking pervert
5,820 views Sep 23

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DelbertGrady Natural Addict 9,503 points
Definitely a Biden voter.
+3 votes
Sep 23
VikiSan Overlord 5,047 points
Lol i thought the same
Kalew Omega 19,372 points
+1 vote
Sep 23
niggerslayer 70 points
this the kind of shit niggers do to their dogs
+2 votes
Sep 23
FlyingGhoul Addicted 1,556 points
Niggerpox is contagious. Be careful, brother. For niggers are everywhere.
jimboboiiiii Famous 3,007 points
What's his problem?
0 votes
Sep 23
School Shooter Intermediate 1,088 points
Fucking Mongolism man
+1 vote
Sep 23
Godless Well-Known 825 points
The car is dirty
0 votes
Sep 23
KMDisciples67 Veteran 12,806 points
He’s all dude fuck your car bro... wait what the fuck are you dooin fool I didn’t mean literally
0 votes
Sep 23
fuckthelife Overlord 5,064 points
the poor car now has monkey pox
0 votes
Sep 23
Car Porn
Mmmm..those are some mighty fine hubcaps you got there..
+1 vote
Sep 24
Dude, really loves his car!
0 votes
Sep 25
Flapoonge Experienced 405 points
Extra y chromosome porn.
0 votes
3 days ago
ChickenSalvador Extreme Poster 580 points
0 votes
1 day ago
VikiSan Overlord 5,047 points

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