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Cop Shoots A Man Trying To Wake Up Unarmed

Incident happend at Ohio, Columbus.

Columbus Division of Police and city officials released body camera footage after an officer fatally

shot a 20-year-old man within seconds of encountering him while attempting to serve an arrest warrant

earlier that day. The footage was publicly revealed Tuesday afternoon, hours after the shooting,

in a media briefing attended by Mayor Andrew Ginther.

On August 30, 2022, Columbus K-9 officer Ricky Anderson and other officers went to an apartment building

in the 3200 block of Sullivant Avenue to serve a warrant. Officers took two people who answered the

door into custody, then searched the apartment with a K-9. During the search, officer Anderson fired a

single shot at 20-year-old Donovan Lewis after he raised his hand with something in it, which appeared

to be a vape pen. Lewis was carried from the apartment and was rendered medical aid by officers applying

what appears to be a trauma bandage and performing CPR. Lewis died at Grant Medical Center.

He had outstanding warrants for domestic violence, assault and improperly handling a firearm.

17,376 views Sep 1, 2022

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BadgerFromTheYNC The Boss 49,647 points
Vaping is bad mmkay?
+4 votes
Sep 1, 2022
KMDisciples67 The Boss 29,883 points
Haha I’m watching South Park right now
oniiibak Advanced 2,647 points
This is some bullshit...I bet all that nonsense of him having outstanding warrants is just an excuse to use to cover the fact that they attacked a sleeping man who likely had no serious criminal history. This is disgusting! This is one of the reasons why I stay away from women and the police; especially females. That nonsense of domestic violence...I bet the female attacked him 1st but of course you all have heard of the Duluth Model right? If a female calls the cops on you as regards domestic violence, they automatically assume that you are guilty unless you have solid evidence disproving their bias. Another poor soul gone due to the gestapo known as law enforcement
+7 votes
Sep 1, 2022
232Bas Veteran 10,957 points
"he's pulling away" hahaha the dude is fucking dying. Funny.
+7 votes
Sep 1, 2022
Visiongzusionix Natural Addict 7,626 points
These murderers' motherfuckers should all be beheaded slowly.
+5 votes
Sep 1, 2022
Bingus112 58 points
American police, one of the worst police forces in the world. I’d rather be mugged at gun point then get into any sort of interaction with these lot, they shoot anything that moves lol
+5 votes
Sep 1, 2022
KMDisciples67 The Boss 29,883 points
Fuck the police KMD 6 7
+4 votes
Sep 1, 2022
School Shooter Intermediate 1,417 points
did he died?
+3 votes
Sep 1, 2022
are17 Landed Knights 178,934 points
hmmm maybe not, it was an accident and not an headshot i guess
JEWS R SEWAGE Addicted 1,982 points
Don’t worry guys, the day draweth nigh when these pigs will be facing the same doom they have brought to guys like this. Although I’m not too savvy about these mexcrements coming to the USA I still don’t agree with the lawlessness coming from our law enforcement……. Payday is coming, keep watching - wink wink
0 votes
Sep 3, 2022
Neger Schlachter88 Addicted 1,570 points
its only a nigger perfect police work
0 votes
Sep 3, 2022
Shit_Cock137 Natural Addict 8,189 points
Shit like this makes my blood boil.
+2 votes
Sep 8, 2022
DarkLink Advanced 2,649 points
+1 vote
Nov 17, 2022
white_metalhead Experienced 322 points
Be born a nigger = Die a nigger
0 votes
May 23, 2023
niggerdickjunky Overlord 5,445 points
@white_metalhead. Abrilliantly redundant statement.
Tiamat Extreme Poster 567 points
Wrong wake up call service lol
0 votes
May 25, 2023
@LeftismIsPure-Evil .Black dick and balls all up in that mouth (with some jizz as well)..
+1 vote
Jun 5, 2023
Whites should be allowed to carry guns.
+1 vote
Jun 15, 2023
Wolfgangus Mozart Well-Known 795 points
Don't worry guys, he was black.
0 votes
Jan 11
are17 Landed Knights 178,934 points