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Blood&Guts Level 1 71 points
I played back a couple times and still couldn't see anything ,,I'm calling BS on this one
0 votes
Apr 21, 2018
Jew Slayer Level 1 217 points
Yeah and you’re an idiot.
Henry Howard Holmes Level 1 130 points
A half-naked Russian woman leaned out of the window of a moving car and hit the road sign to death. The 35-year-old native of the Chelyabinsk region died as a result of an accident on the road in the Dominican Republic. As it turned out, she caught her head behind the road sign. For some time the girl stayed in the hospital, but could not save her.
+3 votes
May 13, 2018
May Level 1 55 points
I thought they used baseball bats to bust mail boxes ,,this must be the new trend, like snorting rubbers
+3 votes
May 20, 2018
David Wolfens Level 1 20 points
My boi road sign murdered that bitch ass
+3 votes
Feb 20, 2019
That was difficult to masturbate too! but i managed it
+8 votes
Jul 17, 2019
oohlalaaa Level 1 2 points
good lad. Got to keep trying
you’re fucking disgusting i hope your family gets fucking tortured while your tiny fat dick gets sliced open
“Tiny fat dick” haha good one
Joor79 Level 1 185 points
This death was so stupid it should be on 1000 ways to die
+3 votes
Mar 21, 2020
Dangerous Specimen
I think it was on 1000 ways to die.
Aaaaaa that was so stupid this is why everyone thinks women are stupid :'(
0 votes
Nov 12, 2020
Slumerica Level 2 1,057 points
Im surprised the phones didn't alert her that destination fucked was 150 feet ahead on the right.... And chime again once they reached it....  *Phone chimes just after video stops* you've reached your destination. How would you rate your experience so google maps can update info for other users. Her reply 1 star for distance alerts and timing. But 5 stars for taking me directly to destination fucked. I highly recommend.
0 votes
Feb 20
Slumerica Level 2 1,057 points
I'd still hit it while its warm. Waste not want not. Or something like that.
0 votes
Mar 27 Level 1 127 points
Full Video
–1 vote
Apr 5
Jew Slayer Level 1 217 points
I would like to know what the driver was doing , this could of been avoided 100% if only the driver was paying attention to the fucking road.
+1 vote
Apr 10
Columbine School Shooter Nigger Killer
He was probably a stupid nigger
SweetCandy9 Level 3 5,716 points
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0 votes
Apr 21
TheKingOfKingz Level 1 18 points
Stop asking everyone to fuck you dumb bitch
psykirei Level 1 11 points
hahaha stupid
0 votes
May 30
sexy_hukystuf_gore Level 1 14 points
do you hate hate stupid bitches? join out server!
0 votes
Jun 5
0 votes
Jun 19
Frapper en pleine tête par ma bite
0 votes
Jun 25
ImNot2Sure Level 1 150 points
Fucking retard
0 votes
Jul 28
rb Level 5 17,189 points
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