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LiveGore is a reality news website which reports on real life events which are of the interest to the public. Includes death videos relating to true crime that have been taken from across the world. Due to the extremely graphic nature of materials found on Live Gore, access is restricted to adults only(18+). !!Please leave this website if you under that age!!
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Blood&Guts Beginner 160 points
I played back a couple times and still couldn't see anything ,,I'm calling BS on this one
+20 votes
Apr 21, 2018
JEWS&NIGGS = SEWAGE Extreme Poster 725 points
Yeah and you’re an idiot.
Alpha_Kenny_Body Experienced 278 points
Yeah and you’re a sad little boy who doesn’t get attention from his parents so he goes online and pretends to hate black people, if you want real attention then kill yourself
F*CK N*GGER'S Experienced 382 points
You look like a FAGET who live's in your parents house!!!!!!  FUCKING ALPHA  LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!
TheNamedKing 4 points
FUK-LIFE You look like a school shooter, I am ready to see you on the news by next week.
Henry Howard Holmes Beginner 158 points
A half-naked Russian woman leaned out of the window of a moving car and hit the road sign to death. The 35-year-old native of the Chelyabinsk region died as a result of an accident on the road in the Dominican Republic. As it turned out, she caught her head behind the road sign. For some time the girl stayed in the hospital, but could not save her.
+28 votes
May 13, 2018
Roman's Revenge Experienced 496 points
May Beginner 131 points
I thought they used baseball bats to bust mail boxes ,,this must be the new trend, like snorting rubbers
+26 votes
May 20, 2018
some fucking dweeb 25 points
David Wolfens 83 points
My boi road sign murdered that bitch ass
+27 votes
Feb 20, 2019
That was difficult to masturbate too! but i managed it
+32 votes
Jul 17, 2019
oohlalaaa 2 points
good lad. Got to keep trying
you’re fucking disgusting i hope your family gets fucking tortured while your tiny fat dick gets sliced open
“Tiny fat dick” haha good one
Girl gtfo
Awwwwe we got a fucking softy 15 years old bitchy girl here . Get the fuck off the internet before you get your pussy raped by your schoolmate and turned into a fucking dumbass prostitute by the age of 18 because you wanted to be lana rhoade but end up being the fucking top of the bread slice . The girl had a nice tits and the memory she left us before her death is a good masturbation session , ive never felt so good after a cum
Alpha_Kenny_Body Experienced 278 points
If you can’t handle somebodies language you need to get off the internet little one
RawKnowledge124816 16 points
Daym the dedication
Yamika Beginner 240 points
How can you masturbate to anything like this?!
Joor79 Experienced 302 points
This death was so stupid it should be on 1000 ways to die
+23 votes
Mar 21, 2020
Dangerous Specimen
I think it was on 1000 ways to die.
Aaaaaa that was so stupid this is why everyone thinks women are stupid :'(
+16 votes
Nov 12, 2020
Slumerica Intermediate 1,398 points
Im surprised the phones didn't alert her that destination fucked was 150 feet ahead on the right.... And chime again once they reached it....  *Phone chimes just after video stops* you've reached your destination. How would you rate your experience so google maps can update info for other users. Her reply 1 star for distance alerts and timing. But 5 stars for taking me directly to destination fucked. I highly recommend.
+20 votes
Feb 20, 2021
PsychoHebrewRemover卐 Experienced 460 points
Slumerica Intermediate 1,398 points
I'd still hit it while its warm. Waste not want not. Or something like that.
+14 votes
Mar 27, 2021
JEWS&NIGGS = SEWAGE Extreme Poster 725 points
I would like to know what the driver was doing , this could of been avoided 100% if only the driver was paying attention to the fucking road.
+20 votes
Apr 10, 2021
Columbine School Shooter Nigger Killer
He was probably a stupid nigger
TheNamedKing 4 points
You assume anything that happens was from a black person don't ya
psykirei 49 points
hahaha stupid
+17 votes
May 30, 2021
sexy_hukystuf_gore 34 points
do you hate hate stupid bitches? join out server!
+16 votes
Jun 5, 2021
+16 votes
Jun 19, 2021
Frapper en pleine tête par ma bite
+18 votes
Jun 25, 2021
ImNot2Sure Experienced 382 points
Fucking retard
+16 votes
Jul 28, 2021
TheDevilsAngel Omega 16,185 points
Lmao that was something I dont see every day
+16 votes
Aug 20, 2021
KKK Nazi Killer
Another DEAD WHITE CRACKER. How dumb are you white cracker jacks?? Small little pink dick.
+20 votes
Aug 28, 2021
Hoss2516 Experienced 394 points
Jealous of white people, huh?
I bet my dick's bigger than yours
JEWS&NIGGS = SEWAGE Extreme Poster 725 points
@KKK Nazi Killer Hey little black pee pee boy what’s up ? I guarantee you I could KO your dumb pink hands and pink footed fucking animal with my 10” white cock meat ! HA HA HA HA HA You coons - all you really have in life is the idea your pecker is bigger than everyone else’s … pathetic
TheNamedKing 4 points
Average racist assuming a person is black in every given situation
psychotic.slut 69 points
another cracker down
+19 votes
Sep 26, 2021
Roman's Revenge Experienced 496 points
Hornheart1! 93 points
She's half nigger. Nigger.
TheNamedKing 4 points
Like you don't do the same? Dumbass
TheNamedKing 4 points
Can't even be mad, true
Addicted 1,761 points
Eh, she was a dumbass anyways :)
+14 votes
Sep 28, 2021
Roman's Revenge Experienced 496 points
Im glad she is dead
+18 votes
Sep 29, 2021
Real_Misanthrope Overlord 5,355 points
Is she ok?
+17 votes
Oct 27, 2021
shit on cock Natural Addict 8,091 points
hopefully not !
You have to be fkn stupid to even attempt to pull some shit like that. You do dumb shit, you die.
+19 votes
Oct 29, 2021
diedinjuly Addicted 1,558 points
slam piece
+19 votes
Dec 12, 2021
Real_Misanthrope Overlord 5,355 points
dead and sad...
+17 votes
Dec 16, 2021
Deletedelete Well-Known 838 points
Nice big tits
+17 votes
Dec 26, 2021
Fuck Adolf Newsom Addicted 1,793 points
This is what that blood-thirsty Nazi tyrant piece of shit Eric Rosen tried to do to Lori Loughlin for the extremely minor crime of paying a bribe but she's free now! Haha! Thank you judge for taking her side. That Rosen prick must have stormed out of the courtroom in tears upon hearing Loughlin would only serve 2 months in prison at most and is now starring in an Oscar-nominated Canadian comedy film.
+19 votes
Dec 31, 2021
+20 votes
Jan 19
Addicted 1,761 points
Haha typical retarded women
+20 votes
Jan 22
Yamika Beginner 240 points
I'm usually not like this, but the women was also at fault. Why did she even do it in the first place? Like the fuck.
+21 votes
Jan 26
DarkXDemonX 36 points
+16 votes
Jan 30
Thyrizs 53 points
the tits were good
+17 votes
Mar 1
Hey there everybody. A few things, I was a Bestgore man from the begining to the end! After that gym of a site went down, I came here and found a whole other badass community, I am thankful for all commenters and uploaders here for my dose of reality news. That said, I am a weird guy, I don't have many friends because of that, and also because of that strangeness, my music is also a bit unorthodox and weird (but very original), I started uploading my first album and was hoping some of this community would help a fellow livegorian out with views, likes, and even a cool comment or two? I recorded it on a shitty broken phone with a basic voice over app, but I am poor. Thanks to all of you and long live the digital carnage.
+16 votes
Mar 5
arisuDproxi 29 points
esto es sencillamente epico no puedo parar de reir
+14 votes
Mar 7
hello11 Beginner 170 points
Stan_IVE_11 43 points
People these days, haven’t they got scolded before to not look or put your hand outside a moving vehicle
+15 votes
Mar 14
Necro 93 points
Stupid bitch. Poor tits
+15 votes
Mar 16
mrcrispy 30 points
holy fucking shit that shit hit harder then my cousin getting wooped by his mom for bring a f home
+14 votes
Mar 25
Nathsanvidh913 Beginner 192 points
Hot BOOBS, I CUMMED.........(913)
+12 votes
Mar 31
spacewind Extreme Poster 637 points
This is real. That's a Russian woman who hit a lamp post. I love the sound of that thud crushing her skull. It's unfortunate that what happened after the impact wasn't recorded.
+15 votes
Apr 2
CardPowfu33 53 points
them signs do go crazy
+14 votes
Apr 2
hello11 Beginner 170 points
ILOVEFEMBOYS Intermediate 1,345 points
That is so embarassing
+13 votes
Apr 6
hello11 Beginner 170 points
No ads
inga11 Extreme Poster 656 points
se4dr5 Experienced 336 points
hello11 Beginner 170 points
She was HOT !!!
+7 votes
Apr 13
girl9999 Experienced 379 points
+4 votes
Apr 14
angelstar Experienced 376 points
ime hapy shez ded idk y
+5 votes
May 2
TheHound Extreme Poster 510 points
dumbass driver was  too busy filming her cooch and not looking at the road.
+5 votes
May 3
xXkristenXx 15 points
lmao fuuuuk, hit by a ghost
+1 vote
May 18
YourLocalFemboy2 54 points
don’t mind this comment
+1 vote
2 days ago
YourLocalFemboy2 54 points
don’t mind this comment 1
+1 vote
2 days ago
YourLocalFemboy2 54 points
don’t mind this comment 3
+2 votes
2 days ago
YourLocalFemboy2 54 points
don’t mind this comment 4
+2 votes
2 days ago
YourLocalFemboy2 54 points
don’t mind this comment 5
+1 vote
2 days ago
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