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Man gets tired of little kid kicking him
Who's to blame here?
90,554 views Aug 13, 2021

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arianna Famous 4,461 points
+30 votes
Aug 13, 2021
TheKingOfKingz Well-Known 871 points
It would never have happened if the kid wasn't kicking him, case closed
+33 votes
Aug 13, 2021
JEWS R SEWAGE Addicted 2,038 points
I’m with you !
TheKingOfKingz Well-Known 871 points
Ok I wasn't actually serious when I said that but that was fucked up on the guy's part. he's just a kid
+20 votes
Aug 13, 2021
LulzyEmpath Experienced 494 points
Pfft what a whiny butthurt pusscake crybaby faggot. You get all worked up over some dumb kid getting stomped on? You taking female hormones you overly emotional bitch? (:
dawnsakura556 Beginner 104 points
bro you literally live on this site stfu nerd ass
Actible Experienced 446 points
Go eat a tidepod fuckhead
Honky kong Addicted 1,731 points
LMAO!! He did what a lot of people would like to do sometimes. Poor kid, but damn who hasn't been annoyed by some stupid little shit at some point?
+18 votes
Aug 13, 2021
gjmojo67 The Boss 35,904 points
Good points but an adult would just move.
Marilyn Advanced 2,615 points
+18 votes
Aug 13, 2021
Nazi Experienced 326 points
Your funny asf.
cravenblade110 Beginner 121 points
thats what the little nigger gets lol
+15 votes
Aug 14, 2021
Geek Extraordinaire 6 points
He wasn't black soy boy. I know why your mad you have a little microscopic penis and black men take all of your women
JEWS R SEWAGE Addicted 2,038 points
HA HA HA HA yuppers !
JEWS R SEWAGE Addicted 2,038 points
Little brown bastard needs a lesson before he gets older!
XRedPyramidX -9 points
Lol what up with this nigger fetish?
He's upset that his mom would never acknowledge him and this is how he gets people to talk to him
XRedPyramidX -9 points
Wtf.. wat a sensitive little scrawny faggot.. who's kid is that.. that guy needs to be put down
+6 votes
Aug 16, 2021
XRedPyramidX -9 points
Still lying bitch lol
IBetYourAllMales33 4 points
You don’t even make sense like sit yo old as racist dusty yellow teeth dog water smelling ass down and cock on a fat dick bitch
LulzyEmpath Experienced 494 points
You sound like a sensitive little bitch when crying over some bat/dog/cat eating Chinklet. Cry some more faggit (:
shit on cock Veteran 10,977 points
the karautistic kid didnt saw that coming... also shotout to his zombie npc mother who just lays there lifeless , hopefully u get the same bitch
+8 votes
Aug 17, 2021
Slave Trader
That kid deserves to be SmackDowned.
+8 votes
Aug 19, 2021
dingleberry6149 70 points
I support abortion up to the age of 18
+12 votes
Aug 24, 2021
SuuLove Beginner 226 points
+10 votes
Aug 26, 2021
FuckWhatAmIDoing Addicted 1,915 points
It'd feel so good to hurt someone and even better its justified
+11 votes
Sep 7, 2021
Hahaha fuck it I felt like that before
+9 votes
Sep 10, 2021
+10 votes
Sep 11, 2021
Sussy Baka The Boss 27,803 points
I CANT LMAOOOo!o!o!o!o!o>!!>>!>~<<a href='../user/k'>@k#<ok!@mj$SAFAS
+8 votes
Sep 14, 2021
Earlys Beginner 212 points
+9 votes
Sep 14, 2021
chadstevenson Experienced 470 points
that man needs to be locked inside a cage at a zoo or something
+10 votes
Sep 25, 2021
LulzyEmpath Experienced 494 points
You need to stop to taking female hormones you overly emotional bitch ass pussy (:
I was in the supermarket once and there was this fkn kid who wouldn’t shut the fuck up….I might have pinched him really hard when nobody was looking… but I wouldn’t fkn slam him down n stomp on his face…I probably would have definitely tripped him though
To the Mom, stop raising a piece of shit/
+12 votes
Nov 17, 2021
LulzyEmpath Experienced 494 points
Finally SOMEONE with a fucking spine. Literally everyone crying over some fucking annoying little shit head, a Chinklet no less. They're all the same, who gives AF???
T4g 0 points
I genuinely want to know how can someone end up like this.. you got no heart bro
Entitled kid deserves it
+12 votes
Dec 20, 2021
〄υηκηοωηↂ Advanced 2,435 points
I’m dead yoo
+12 votes
Dec 21, 2021
Raccoon Natural Addict 7,150 points