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Man Fatally Shot While On Instagram Live
Attacked while on live.
15,348 views Jul 11

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Jew Slayer Level 1 300 points
Here we go again, another NOGG living the dream ! What does it take for these parasites to see their own people killing one another
with nary a thought , day in day out, just the life of a lonely homeboy.
+2 votes
Jul 11
Wer U at?  Wheeze wheeze....

Top fucking kek, looks like bullets and lungs are not compatible
Jew Slayer Level 1 300 points
Your right, he drowned in his own blood right there ! Admittedly it was hard to watch the brother struggling for a breath of air. This shit needs to stop …
DeadNiggerFaggot Level 1 14 points
I agree, but when you get into gang lifestyle, you know you are at risk of getting shot.
Marilyn Level 1 606 points
0 votes
Jul 12
FuckWhatAmIDoing Level 1 551 points
more info on it here:
0 votes
Jul 27
He said he smoking nipsey hussle (rip) then he died on live which is crazy asf but rip to both him and nipsey
–1 vote
Jul 29
DeviantCaregiver Level 1 83 points
Thats a shitty way to go, suffocating on your own blood!
0 votes
2 days ago
mark Level 7 39,075 points
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