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Expert has .50 Cal Sniper Rifle Explode In His Face
Kentucky Ballistics (Scott) recounts his freak accident with his Serbu single-shot .50 cal on April 9th, 2021.

A hot round literally blew up the rifle in his face; the exploding debris lacerated his jugular vein, punctured his right lung, broke his orbital bone, and severely mangled his index finger.

It’s amazing Scott even survived. Life and death is sometimes measured in inches.

Check out Scott’s amazing channel here:
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Jew slayer Level 1 70 points
Lucky you’re alive bro
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May 2
(most)Lgbtq hater Level 1 117 points
the uploader is not the person in the video you fucking idiot
Jew slayer Level 1 70 points
I know that DIMWIT, I’m just (in a sense)  speaking out loud you fucking retard LMAO where do losers like you come from ? Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds
(most)Lgbtq hater Level 1 117 points
You clearly weren't
Jew slayer Level 1 70 points
Ok retard boy. Maybe you ought to go back to school and brush up on reading comprehension lol, I’m actually amazed there are people as stupid as you out there. If I felt like I had made an error I would delete the post but the post STAYS and you’ll deal with it imbecile.
(most)Lgbtq hater Level 1 117 points
ah now it makes sense you are clearly 10 years old trying to sound smart
Jew slayer Level 1 70 points
Now your spinning plates on stick bub, suck it up and take the loss, your defense is lacking substance lol DWEEB !
(most)Lgbtq hater Level 1 117 points
you sound like a fucking idiot
Jew slayer Level 1 70 points
Why’s that, because you have no argument ? Lol the post stays loser boy HA HA HA HA
(most)Lgbtq hater Level 1 117 points
Did I tell you to remove it?
SweetCandy98 Level 3 5,008 points
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May 4
mark Level 7 32,809 points
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