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African Man Set On Fire And Hacked With Machetes
This took place somewhere in Africa. A man is shown already beaten and lying on the ground when the video starts. I have no idea what the man did or if he deserved this kind of punishment or was just at the wrong place wrong time when everybody got together and decided to torture someone. A group of men then pour gasoline on him and light him on fire. He didn’t quite get a necklacing but still pretty damn bad to be set on fire. The man puts out the fire only to be hacked with machetes by the same group of men. He doesn’t even flinch when the machetes chop at his knees. The asshole in the red pants walking around like he runs shit.. I wish someone would’ve grabbed that machete and cut his dick off or something. I highly doubt the victim lasted much longer anyway though.

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Apr 22
Jew slayer Level 1 70 points
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Apr 25
rb Level 5 17,014 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!

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