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Pew Pew 

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jimboboiiiii Famous 3,007 points
Kill more Russians
+4 votes
Sep 22
fuckthelife Overlord 5,064 points
just love how the Russian nigger vermin is wiped out
+3 votes
Sep 22
Paint_it_black_1234 Omega 23,593 points
2-3 Operation they said now its 7-8 months haha and now putin has to grab his riserve soldiers lol everyone is leaving russia now, google it haha
fuckthelife Overlord 5,064 points
lol and also putin is now asking school  kids to join the army, what next prams with AA guns fixed to it
Paint_it_black_1234 Omega 23,593 points
Thats soo sad, his own people leaving the country and his soldiers are surrendering and he still keeps doing this shit. He will bring russia in their ruin
fuckthelife Overlord 5,064 points
yes it looks this way and the last person out of Russia please close the door
PsychoHebrewRemoverŚćź Advanced 2,735 points
It's over for putin
+4 votes
Sep 22
Gas_TheJews Beginner 141 points
Russians won this war, what  you lower iq fags have to offer to this world, you are cause of pain, look at yourself in the mirror, you are worthless cunts without any knowledge about world or history, you cant control your action, all you do the whole day is being sissy and normie who desires to comit suicide.
–3 votes
Sep 22
MuhammadUglyAsFuck Intermediate 1,328 points
L dumb bitch asshole, I slob on Zelensky cock so much mmmmmmmmm! love Israel eat shit Nazi faggot lolololololol transgender children are the new norm, wake up, get out of the 20th century moron!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gas_TheJews Beginner 141 points
i would drop you so bad, gore would remove it if it was posted.
PringleMuncher2.0 4 points
Putin rn:
0 votes
6 days ago
Paint_it_black_1234 Omega 23,593 points

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