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Woman's Face Was Eaten by Pit Bull
48 year old woman from Argentina.
357,695 views Jun 28, 2017

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Jungili Beginner 134 points
This is very extremly scary acutally I can normally watch lifegore but this really had me scared and it also turned my stomach on
+10 votes
May 18, 2021
Peridot Well-Known 769 points
yeah me too i normally open a lot of videos to watch and forgot what this one was about O_O poor woman
xanax2xmg Addicted 1,555 points
I've seen worse
Lucifah Famous 3,682 points
The fuck- you think this is? PBS.
coonblaster Extreme Poster 632 points
you obviously havent explored gore if this is "extremely scary". grow some fucking balls cuz if this shit scares you, maybe gore websites arent for you.
RottenPancake Intermediate 1,024 points
Imagine being that scared by something on a screen, lol.
Now that, is a redhead.
+6 votes
Aug 12, 2022
RustyEye Experienced 388 points
nannasqw Experienced 252 points
lol lol
nannasqw Experienced 252 points
that’s why I don’t want to have a dog
Chicken_Lover Omega 24,656 points
The poor pitbull must have mistaken her for a baby
+1 vote
Oct 21, 2022
TheAvoidedOne Natural Addict 7,171 points
she was somebody's baby ,lol
Random Asshole
This would make a great Halloween costume. Just saying. But having been bit in the face by a pitbull mix, I do feel bad for her. I was lucky the damn dog had a muzzle. Never would have been bitten if the idiot owner didn't have it so loose.
+5 votes
Oct 23, 2022
familyfriendlyVet 47 points
no way this is real
+6 votes
Oct 27, 2022
ImNot2Sure Intermediate 1,353 points
I’ve seen a lot but this one genuinely makes me feel weird but still, I wouldn’t let that pit bull take my face off without consent
+5 votes
Nov 6, 2022
TheAvoidedOne Natural Addict 7,171 points
still look better than me ,lol
+3 votes
Nov 16, 2022
RottenPancake Intermediate 1,024 points
Bro, you got negative self-confidence.
No idea Beginner 158 points
+6 votes
Nov 19, 2022
Homunculus_ Famous 3,352 points
Doggies said fine dining. Her groaning is fucking awful, wish I could've seen them eating her though because I don't know how it'd even get that bad.
+5 votes
Nov 25, 2022
Aku 41 points
Recordatorio de que deben alimentar a sus mascotas amigos :3

En fin... alguien quiere salsa de tomate en sus patatas? :3
+5 votes
Jan 3, 2023
Dr_Benway 23 points
a mostly peaceful pit bull
+5 votes
Jan 6, 2023
Smegstir Intermediate 1,238 points
Funny video as always
+5 votes
Jan 7, 2023
CumStir Overlord 4,827 points
Funny video as always! Swastika! kill!!
+6 votes
Jan 8, 2023
FuckinGr8 Addicted 1,613 points
Anyone else waiting for a smack?
+5 votes
Jan 11, 2023
tumamaputa0715 Intermediate 1,179 points
Ghost rider?
+5 votes
Jan 22, 2023
alfredeg Experienced 470 points
cardi b without makeup
+5 votes
Jan 29, 2023
Dindu Bitch Extreme Poster 512 points
She is fukin alive wtf
+4 votes
Feb 10, 2023
thesocietyvoid Advanced 2,361 points
+2 votes
Mar 19, 2023
Luke420 30 points
im glad that dog got some food to eat hopefully its safe
+4 votes
Apr 5, 2023
@Luke420 Hopefully the dog has been brutally killed as it deserves.
+5 votes
Apr 26, 2023
Leo Hacker 83,648 points