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Human Stew! This Is Mean Cannibal Is Exist
Human menudo wtf

I guess cannabilism is alive and well.

5,142 views Jun 25, 2018

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SweetCandy9 Level 3 5,620 points
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Apr 18
Jew Slayer Level 1 304 points
Proof niggers are the “beasts of the field” spoken of in all of the worlds ancient texts. The Zionist Jews do not want the masses to know this because they want to assimilate the black man into White western civilization and destroy them through  miscegenation and mongrelization of the Adamic bloodline…. This is a slow process but it’s starting to take effect after just about 100 years of indoctrination of the white race and bringing blacks into film , movies, sports, and finally intermarrying with the White race. You cannot deny this as it is happening right before your eyes . Instead of calling me a racist (which is a badge of honor for me), try and disprove what I’m saying. Thank you for reading and if you are awake please thumbs up and comment.
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Jun 29
Jew counter
Holy water
TheKingOfKingz Level 1 243 points
STFU you sound dumb as shit
Jew Slayer Level 1 304 points
I’m going to call you The kingOfIgnorance because you sound like a stupid nigger with no argument. Listen Dimwit, if you have a problem with my post try and challenge your extremely low IQ and even lower intellect to make some talking points in your defense, try and have an adequate argument disproving my statements instead of whimpering like a little bitch who didn’t finish school. Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds
Slumerica Level 2 1,073 points
Thought they preferred chicken n waffles.... Must have a shortage of chickens....
+1 vote
Jul 4
TheDevilsAngel Level 2 1,722 points
Omnom finally dinner time
+1 vote
Jul 5
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,230 points
Smells good
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Aug 17
Leo Level 5 17,332 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!
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