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16-year-old girl beaten and burned alive by lynch mob in Rio Bravo, Guatemala
Shocking moment teen girl is surrounded and beaten by mob who burned her to death after she was involved in murdering a 68-year-old taxi driver in Guatemala

Girl was burned alive in a street in Guatemala as a vicious 25-strong mob stood by and cheered.

Vid has been shared widely in Guatemala and shows the teenager, blood streaming down her face, being punched and kicked before she is set on fire.

According to reports, the unnamed girl was surrounded in the village of Rio Bravo, 77 miles west of capital Guatemala City, after she was allegedly part of a gang that murdered a motorcycle taxi driver.

She and two other men allegedly shot Carlos Enrique González Noriega, 68, before robbing him and running away.

The two men with the teenager fled down a series of alleys, but the girl took a wrong turn and was surrounded by a vigilante mob.

he horrific video shows the girl dazed and stumbling in the middle of a crowd of people, her face bleeding.

After she is viciously beaten, the helpless woman is doused in a flammable liquid before going up in flames, and is filming screaming and writhing in pain as the mob watches on.

As she lies on the ground, a man runs over with a can of petrol and pours it over her, sending her up in flames as she screams.

The camera continues to roll as the fire continues to ravage her body and the girl dies.

A police spokesman said that officers had tried to intervene but were blocked by the bystanders.

The girl has not been identified, according to news website Tiempo. because the National Civil Police are worried it will spark further tensions in the area.

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robbievik Extreme Poster 630 points
justice has been served now all they need to find is the other scumbags
+1 vote
Aug 7, 2019
Asqueroso, simplemente asqueroso, ojalá hubieran sido sus hijas, hermanas o madres y no estuvieran gozando si no llorando lágrimas de sangre, que vergüenza pertenecer a un país tan asquerosamente tercermundista llenos de tanta mierda en sus cabezas
+7 votes
Dec 30, 2019
ella mato a un hombre de 68 ayo ella se lo merece
hats 1 point
el ùnico al que escucho decir algo coherente, los demás son puros tercermundistas
DaburCuntmunjun Experienced 271 points
1 down and crisped ,2 more to go.
+3 votes
Feb 6, 2021
Omega 16,775 points
Cooked underage pussy > .<"! Yum
+3 votes
Mar 23
bigfatblackgu5353 46 points
bitch i saw 4 ways to escape
+3 votes
Mar 24
Humans are disgusting! I hope for a nuclear war to end this species.
+3 votes
Mar 26
mindemon Addicted 1,921 points
No,  not humans.  Just niggers. They are the only ones that do shit like this.
Now this is the kinda shit that makes you wish you were there with an AR, fucking degenerates
+3 votes
May 1
henrolove107647 Addicted 1,885 points
bastards!  We're no different than murderers.  I want an Ak47 gun right now.  damned.  must help her...
+2 votes
May 26
Blackmessiah Well-Known 999 points
This is what happens if your not smart enough in the crime world, the other guys who managed to escape are smart they know every place where they can't be recognized and blend in, the girl however probably stumbled upon a person who knew her or a witness to the crime, if she changed her clothes maybe she could've escape with no scratch but she stoopid and what's worse she changed her escape she should've gone with the other guys she definitely panicked at those moments and I have a feeling those guys got in a car and double crossed the girl as the one who did the murder so that they could be clean it's a smart tactic but every miracle costs a sacrifice... RIP to the 68 old man.
+2 votes
Jun 21
SilvomarX Extreme Poster 695 points
Derek Chauvin, you're next to get burned!!!
+2 votes
Jun 28
Nice done, mi conpaneros en Guatemala.
+1 vote
Jul 19
MoonLight Extreme Poster 629 points
2:50 Imbecile almost burned half of the bystanders
0 votes
Nov 1
Hey,it'sCaleb! Experienced 338 points
Really sucks that there are so many children there, they don't need to see this. I'm all for justice but word?
0 votes
Nov 2
Leo CEO 50,551 points

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