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Pitbull Attack Turns Floor into a Pool of Blood
It happened here, in Brazil, January 22, 2012.
The dog attacked his own owner.
Some minutes later, the dog got killed with 4 shots.
13,738 views May 12, 2018

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Henry Howard Holmes Level 1 128 points
Sadly there is no video with the execution of a Pitbull . I hate these scum .
+2 votes
May 13, 2018
I would have killed that pit. Start soccer kicking it in the face and stomping on his face until it's dead.
+2 votes
Dec 10, 2019
Spread.Hate Level 1 21 points
One less Jew... Good dog !
+2 votes
Feb 16, 2020
TheKingOfKingz Level 1 343 points
STFU and die bitch
PsychoticKiwi Level 1 21 points
I'd start using my other hand to puncture the dogs eyeballs at that point. I'm not sure why he's just sitting there.
0 votes
Feb 21, 2020
binSalul Level 1 74 points
Yeah, Ikr. It's crazy they don't anything. Just hoping the dog might leave them alone. Why not dig fingers into its eyeballs. That'll let him go off the hand. Dogs leg bones aren't really strong. They can be snapped pushing with the knee. Man has more body weight, so why not use it. Might be his own dog.
SweetCandy98 Level 2 2,892 points
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0 votes
Apr 18
Leo Level 5 16,729 points
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