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Grandad, 40, and Grandson, 3, Die After Their Bike Was Hit by a Truck
South Sulawesi, Indonesia, a man (40) with his grandson (3) were killed by a truck on Tuesday (25/4/2017).

Information from a cousin of the victim told the victim was riding his grandson on his bike as the 3 year old boy was too sleepy for an afternoon walk.

"In front of a water factory they were hit by a truck and both died," he said at the Hospital .

Police explains the chronology of the deadly accident beginning when a 6-wheeled truck driven by a 25 year old man wanted to overtake the motorcycle.

During this the truck hit the victim's motorcycle and knocked it to the ground and the back of the 6 wheeled vehicle ran over the bike.

As a result of the accident incident, the grandad had his left thigh destroyed and his legs were ripped off. The grandson broke both legs and his head was crushed.

The truck driver has been secured and was questioned.

The bodies of both victims were taken to the funeral home by their family to be buried.
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