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LiveGore is a reality news website which reports on real life events which are of the interest to the public. Includes videos relating to true crime that have been taken from across the world. Due to the graphic nature of materials found on Live Gore, access is restricted to adults only(18+). !!Please leave this website if you under that age!!
Grandfather Had To Kill His Grandson To Save His Life
Domingo Faustino Berna, 76, regained his freedom this Wednesday afternoon after being detained for the crime of his grandson , committed last Monday in the Buenos Aires city of Bahía Blanca , although he will continue to be charged with homicide.

The man was subjected to a hearing before the Bahiense Homicide prosecutor, Jorge Viego, who is investigating the death of 29-year-old Brian Berna.

The prosecutor charged the old man with the crime of homicide qualified by the link and for being committed with a firearm, having exceeded the legitimate defense that he would have exercised. After the defendant refused to testify on the advice of his defenders, he was released.

" Taking into account the penalty provided by law for this crime and the advanced age of the accused, his freedom was ordered ", it was indicated from the Public Prosecutor's Office, which will continue with the investigation .

According to the newspaper La Nueva , they explained that "various evidence collected was analyzed, among which are the recordings of the security cameras of the home where the event occurred, in which it is possible to observe the way in which the event occurred ", mentioned from the Public Ministry.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon in a house on 600 Cobián Street , in Bahía Blanca, where the suspect was with his grandson.

A police chief detailed that, apparently, during an argument, the older of the men shot the young man, who died as a result of his injuries.

After a call to the 911 emergency service, members of the Patrol Command and personnel from the 4th police station attended the scene. , with jurisdiction in the area, who found the body of the minor of the Berna lying on the floor.

After what happened, medical personnel, the Scientific Police and prosecutor Viego attended the scene, who gave various instructions to arrest the victim's grandfather as a suspect .

During an inspection of the farm, the detectives found several weapons, including a 32-caliber revolver, apparently used to commit the act, and even a broken broomstick.

It is noteworthy that the autopsy of the body revealed that the victim received 5 shots that caused injuries to the abdomen, chest, neck, cheek and shoulder. The spokesmen pointed out that the accused also had abrasions.
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i left Famous 3,646 points
you picked the wrong house fool
+7 votes
Jun 17
idknoob1111 Beginner 198 points
dumbass nigger fatass couldnt just use a BB gun or any other item but a gun? stupid ass fatass americans
+2 votes
Jun 17
Omega 15,854 points
Im American and I agree
idknoob1111 Beginner 198 points
Omega 15,854 points
Im no zoophile
idknoob1111 Beginner 198 points
than why does literally everyone say your a zoophile
Omega 15,854 points
Because everyone else is an idiot
idknoob1111 Beginner 198 points
congrats on 3k and i dont really believe anyone on this website lol most of them are dumb niggers or people who post good content.
Omega 15,854 points
Aw tysm, and yeah, mostly everyone is stupid. Including me
Serial Killer Omega 21,797 points
Ok zoophile
Omega 15,854 points
:,( ㅤㅤ
idknoob1111 Beginner 198 points
black ass nigger should be behind a cage not calling people zoophiles.
Serial Killer Omega 21,797 points
i left Famous 3,646 points
they should be necklaced not caged
idknoob1111 Beginner 198 points
both sounds reasonable.
rαwdαwg Natural Addict 7,399 points
@idknoob1111 This happened in Buenos Aires; you must've been getting high on goat crack that day at school when they taught geography. ꏿ﹏o
It's me Mario Famous 3,897 points
Why? If someone is trying to harm you then he is nothing but your enemy and danger. Why should you risk anything just to save person who is trying to harm you? Makes no sense to me.
Literally all the same stupid fuck except rawdawg You need to get a life you pathetic fag fuck Luka.  You're the dumbest hunk of crazy shit
gjmojo67 Famous 3,602 points
What a brutally bleak,obtuse,boring existence it must be when all you think about is niggas. Anything else you have to offer?
gjmojo67 Famous 3,602 points
All you think about is niggas. Anything else you have to offer?
Herkzno Morth Overlord 4,698 points
This happened on Argentina, and in my opinion, he did a great job
Brits are dumbasf
You forgot one thing dumbass, have you been shot with a BB gun? Yeah they do jack shit, it's not going to stop anyone trying to attack you. It's just gunna piss them off, good old revolver will stop them.
Omega 15,854 points
Respect your elders
+2 votes
Jun 17
Mik2.2..2 Experienced 387 points
+1 vote
Jun 17
Kalew Omega 19,372 points
Everyone is happy and life goes on.
0 votes
Jun 18
TURMPFCUKEDGAOTS Natural Addict 7,337 points
White trash
+2 votes
Jun 18
Serial Killer Omega 21,797 points
Kill All Niggers
Bradlay you are such a little fucking pussy ass bitch lol
He sure is a little fucking pussy ass bitch, do you want his home address in northeast Florida, The United States of America?
gjmojo67 Famous 3,602 points
What a brutally bleak,obtuse,boring existence it must be when all you think about is niggas. Anything else you have to offer? But how many have you killed coward?
MysticMochi Addicted 2,146 points
Dude was clearly defending his property
+3 votes
Jun 18
are17 Grandmaster 147,614 points
he had no choice, yes what a good choice.
+5 votes
Jun 18
Kurt Kurt Overlord 6,600 points
Happy fathers day
+2 votes
Jun 18
chancho Natural Addict 7,126 points
he probably has five or six more grandchildren, so no biggie
+1 vote
Jun 18
StelioStelioKantos Intermediate 1,142 points
Sometimes ya just gotta blow some family members……away, ya know?
+1 vote
Jun 18
Kermit Trafficker Intermediate 1,292 points
Smart grandpa
+1 vote
Jul 2
StoreShooter Overlord 6,021 points
dont have kids and this wont happen
+2 votes
Jul 22
Blackmessiah Well-Known 869 points
Always fear an old man with a profession.....
where men die young
+2 votes
Sep 22
eLdiabLo 66 points
Pull the trigger and protect yourself haha
+1 vote
Sep 23
BadgerFromTheYNC Omega 19,277 points
Next time don't be a home-invading nigger.
+1 vote
Sep 24
LivingNightmare 6 points
Got what he deserved
+1 vote
6 days ago
Yucky Hacker 81,132 points

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