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Plainclothed Cop Gets Robbed of His Backpack but Takes Revenge
Argentina, a policeman dressed in civilian clothes shoot and kills a motoboy and injures his accomplice after a backpack with money was stolen from him when he was about to enter a store.

It all happened Thursday after 4:21 p.m. At that point, the robbers approached the cop while he waited for the door of a spare parts store to be opened for him to buy an item.

The criminal who was on the back of the motorcycle got off and threatened the victim with a weapon to give him the backpack. The policeman, for his part, showed no resistance until then and also gave him his cell phone. But it was simply the preamble to the fierce confrontation that was about to occur.

When the robber turned to get back on the motorcycle with his accomplice, the cop pulled out his service weapon and identified himself as a policeman. Almost immediately the criminal who had stolen the backpack pulled out a revolver with the intention of firing and a violent shootout began between the two almost at point-blank range.

One of the officer's shots hit the back of the motorcycle driver, who was only able to circulate a few meters on the sidewalk before crashing his vehicle and falling dead.

The other robber managed to flee on foot with the loot in hand, although he could not escape the shots and was wounded.

The criminal, a minor, who was able to escape took a taxi and went to the Emergency Hospital where he was finally arrested.

The lainclothes police personnel came to a shop to buy a cross key. Earlier he had made a transaction with money in the center and was carrying it in his backpack. Two people apparently followed him from the center.

The money that the officer carried in his backpack could be recovered thanks to the taxi driver. According to the prosecutor Ávila, when the criminal boarded the taxi, he told the driver that he had been the victim of the robbery and that he needed to be transferred to the hospital. However, he made a mistake. When he got out at the entrance to the hospital, he forgot the backpack with the money inside the car.

Minutes later, the taxi driver returned to the hospital to deliver the policeman's bag and that was how they were able to arrest him hours later.

The final money count has not yet been made: it would be a sum close to 85 thousand pesos .

The police officer was finally released after the prosecutor considered that it was a "legitimate defense", the sources of the case confided to this medium.

Regarding the criminal who faced the shots with the officer and who fled wounded by a gunshot, sources revealed that he is a 17-year-old teenager who has already been placed at the disposal of a juvenile judge. "He is accused of qualified robbery,".

The policeman will be decorated for his actions on August 31.
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