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one guy two spoons

1guy2spoon is a viral shocking video where a guy pulls out his eyeball using two spoons.the guy is still unknown

293,345 views Mar 22, 2018

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lost Beginner 220 points
+25 votes
Apr 29, 2022
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,092 points
Good surgeon, taking the eyeball with patience
+20 votes
Jun 17, 2022
It's me Mario Overlord 5,256 points
Lol hhahhahhaaa xd lmao
+17 votes
Jun 17, 2022
EuropeanVosak699 Intermediate 1,166 points
Lmao ball
+19 votes
Jun 21, 2022
femcel Veteran 10,158 points
+16 votes
Jun 25, 2022
GiuseZagato Addicted 1,650 points
What fuck
+13 votes
Jul 8, 2022
North118484545 Well-Known 980 points
Is there no Background music ? The original version has Background music.
+12 votes
Jul 9, 2022
Herkzno Morth Overlord 6,902 points
Well, it Looks real, but fake at the same time
+9 votes
Jul 27, 2022
ImNot2Sure Intermediate 1,105 points
Bro tryna cosplay as foxy
+4 votes
Oct 24, 2022
LuciusWagner 96 points
Ads be like
+4 votes
Oct 24, 2022
TheDevilsAngel Hacker 80,591 points
Fucking hell!
+3 votes
Oct 26, 2022
Zoweymama 43 points
bro can see my dad now
0 votes
Nov 23, 2022
Homunculus_ Famous 3,212 points
Didn't he think there were cameras behind his eyes??
0 votes
Nov 24, 2022
Simberto Simberti Beginner 120 points
Eyeball sukt my dickinson with  spoonman
+1 vote
Dec 18, 2022
Serralis Overlord 5,254 points
Artis the Spoonman
This is really a Soundgarden song
Simberto Simberti Beginner 120 points
Who tf is artist
Serralis Overlord 5,254 points
Artis, not an artist! Wtf! Artis is Artist? No!
Simberto Simberti Beginner 120 points
Serralis Overlord 5,254 points
Simp simpertis
Serralis Overlord 5,254 points
Feel the rhythm with your hands
(Steal the rhythm while you can)
Speak the rhythm on your own
(Speak the rhythm all alone)

Spoonman, come together with your hands
Save me, I'm together with your plan
Save me, yeah
Save, oh
0 votes
Dec 18, 2022
Eachdayigrowmore 59 points
The fact that this video made me feel uneasy, is disturbing… or maybe my pussy is wet, either or
0 votes
Dec 18, 2022
JAYO 14 points
this made my eye hurt
0 votes
Jan 5
ghostfucker Well-Known 945 points
Holy shit
0 votes
Jan 5
Melanie Martinez Beginner 129 points
Why is it lowkey sexy
0 votes
Jan 6
GrahamSmith Intermediate 1,394 points
+1 vote
Jan 17
AK47 Famous 4,456 points

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