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Early Christmas present for the Taliban thanks to Joe Biden
biden gave china a direct route to the minerals of afghanistan and strengthened russia influence in the middle east with his weakness. China will control the lithium markets and batteries as well as expand the china road theology. Russia, being allied with syria now has an ally with afghanistan and a better threatening position of ukraine.

It would be rare for the us to give our most advanced or best appointed equipment to a force we were supporting. I’m unsure that the current administration would make that same choice but if it hardware is in the field somewhere in the world it is likely that china, Russia, and all other arms dealers and manufactures have the specs.

Popular Mechanics had an article that made the claim that indeed any tech left behind was nothing special. However, the sheer number of equipment for making war left was mind boggling and certainly very helpful to the Bidiban.

Biden's withdrawal was a complete disaster for this country. Leaving as many weapons behind as he did is impeachable. Biden was in charge and now he has effectively armed a very large terrorist force. The Taliban have not changed nor has Al Qaeda. There is an extremely high probability we will be attacked within our borders by terrorists. Biden has not only armed them and thrown the gate open for them on our southern border.

If the Taliban invite in the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, those weapons will be closely scrutinized and reversed-engineered. Biden has given them the opportunity.

Didn't we leave the weapons behind for the Afghan military ? Now that I've learned more about what was happening inside Afghanistan with all the corruption, perhaps we should have left them and taken out our hardware. But the assumption seems to be: leave them the equipment, leave our people there because it's a stable Afghan gov't we put in place. The assumption was wrong, though.

Chinese maybe flabbergasted to see some of the INTEGRATED CIRCUITS (IC) used by US military may have been manufactured in China. Remember Boeing, Lockheed martin and Douglas have manufacturing plants in China. They use computer parts made in Communist China. Thanks Bill Clinton for making China as "Most favored" trading partner of the United States since 1994...
10,561 views Jun 9, 2022

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are17 Landed Knights 179,219 points
what a nice present from joe biden! They can go guns blazing!
+5 votes
Jun 9, 2022
TURMPFCUKEDGAOTS Natural Addict 7,752 points
White Trash
+4 votes
Jun 9, 2022
Fuck Adolf Newsom Addicted 1,884 points
I hate all white people! The worst ones of all are the obese white women living in rural areas who speak with Southern accents. That's why I call them by the hip trendy political slur Karens.
Good Luck Faggot Veteran 13,284 points
I know most people on this website are from places other than The United States of America.  And you all have a deep hatred for Americans.  Joe Biden is the biggest piece of shit ever.  Sadly there's nothing new about The United States of America abandoning insane amounts of weapons and military equipment.  At least in years past they made some efforts to blow up and destroy what was being left.  Biden left sixty-six billion dollars worth of shit without a care in the world.  Then has the audacity to complainant condemn another country that allowed five billion dollars worth of gear fall into the hands of far less radical group of nut cases.  If it wasn't for the lunatic whore vice president.  I would be wishing for Joe to fucking die already.  He is the worst president this country has ever had.  Fuck Joe Biden, he's a trisomy sufferer.  I'd say I hope he chokes on a cock.  But he only likes little peckers on kids.  So sadly, he won't be choking to death on cock.
+4 votes
Jun 9, 2022
marcato Well-Known 768 points
Was Donald Trump who negotiate with Taliban leaders, Biden just finish the deal.
+4 votes
Jun 9, 2022
khannhan 12 points
thank u coward Americans. No go poop in your own country.
+5 votes
Jun 9, 2022
ShutTheFuckUpAnomaly 66 points
why can't we take a shit in are country?
zoran Veteran 14,102 points
uuhhh, what?
Let's go Brandon!
+3 votes
Jun 17, 2022
Fuck Adolf Newsom Addicted 1,884 points
I love Biden and the Taliban. I run the North Korea of the Western Hemisphere like the Taliban run Afghanistan. That includes lying to people that the NKWH has freedom. I'm also letting in Taliban fighters as refugees to kill those evil right-wing Christians.
+2 votes
Jul 20, 2022
silvigore Beginner 178 points
Grande zio Joe
0 votes
Jun 5, 2023
Nigger Slayer Natural Addict 8,675 points