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Africa: Man Tortured for Being Gay
Some Africans torturing a man for being homosexual.
3,515 views Feb 13, 2018

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I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
Homosexuality is not a crime or sin fuck off you evil scumbags if two men or two women having sex with each other at that way they can't harm anyone actually it's there personal matter if I'm having sex with anyone then how could I hurt anyone tell me you evil homophobic cunts and die slowly you jerk daffenSS
0 votes
Sep 9, 2020
sheeeesh, gay is mad MAD, lmao we need to kill more fucking gays who are fucking in eachothers asses. it is not natural and it's sick, if you don't want to go to the therapist so he can cure you from disease(GAY) then you'll be killed, die you fucking gays, this is what happens when you're gay and we nned more people who will kill gay people.
pjOO6 is discussting incest
pjOO6 Shut the fuck off you feminist bastards, I don't care you rascals thinks, it's your sick mentality that you wanna kill everyone who looks or acts different to you, I extremely hate women they are very bad and evil, if we fucking each others asses then why your asses hurts, it's your agnorance that being gay is unnatural actually it's a different kind of biological condition your hatred and jealousy won't let you to accept the facts, actually you are sick and disgusting people, I do whatever I want to do with my body it's my property not yours so fuck off you rascals I simply love men whether you accept it or not it's doesn't matters to me go to incest mother fucker, If you don't want to go to therapist then he can cure you from disease (Homophobic) then you'll be killed, die you fucking homophobes, this is what happens when you're homophobe and we need more people who will kill you sick homophobes you hate us we hate you more
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
There is so many unnatural things happening all around the world like abortion, trees cutting, animals and birds hunting, brutal murders & killings, kidnapping, drug paddling, terrorism, wars, xenophobia, genocide, female rapes and production of vegetables and fruits by chemical fertilizers which are extremely dangerous for the human health but you hypocrites blindly ignoring them and only targets us that's your evil hypocrisy, you all are dumb fools, many men also having sex with their women's asses but it's sounds okay to you however you only barks against us like a mad evil hound but still you hypocrites supporting directly and undirectly many real unnatural things and crimes that's your double standards
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 513 points
Your homophobic people being die like a pig slowly, you bastards even unable to touch my shadow if I get you then I'll rape you bastard and make you my bitch slave and I'll rape you everyday day and night and I'll keep spanking, flogging, whipping, beating and slapping you daily, I'll make your life a living breathing hell, I fed you my poo and I force you to drink my urine & I'll give you worst punishment then death not just even you but all of you sick, evil, hatred and jealous homophobic scumbags, you beg for death but I can't let you die easily motherfuckers
SweetCandy98 Level 3 3,090 points
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0 votes
Apr 20
Leo Level 5 17,332 points
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