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LiveGore is a reality news website which reports on real life events which are of the interest to the public. Includes videos relating to true crime that have been taken from across the world. Due to the graphic nature of materials found on Live Gore, access is restricted to adults only(18+). !!Please leave this website if you under that age!!

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Hello brother, could you please send me a video of a young black man being dragged, hacked and stoned, and the young man ends up with his face destroyed, in pieces, I think the guy was from Venezuela or Brazil, (Latin America or Africa), I remember that It had a song, and I think it came in a compilation, the video is not from now, I remember that I saw it around the year 2020 - 2022, I haven't seen it in years and I want to see it again, I await your responses, you can send me some videos similar to see if they coincide or not, I am going to give you more details, while they were dragging the young man they attacked him with a machete and stoned him. him. , the place was an arena or track that I don't remember very well, the only thing I remember is that I saw the video fragment on this website.
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