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17 Year Old Teenage Mom That Was Stabbed 60 Times By Ex Boyfriend
Colombia, Deisy, 17 years old was about to graduate with honors from school for her excellent academic performance as she wanted to continue studying industrial engineering and move forward with her 16 month old daughter, who was the main drive of her life, but her ex-boyfriend Duvan Alexander, 21, stopped that by ending her dreams by stabbing her 60 times in her back and neck.

On Monday, November 20, about noon, when Deisy left school for home, her ex stalked and attacked her with a knife with the intention to kill her.

The young girl knew of the danger that could show up on her path after she decided to end her relationship with Duván, about a month and a half earlier.

Since then she always walked accompanied by some friends, or changed routes, however, that was not enough to avoid what happened to her.

The girls passed a hillside and as soon as Deisy said goodbye to them to continue alone the road, very close to her home the killer immediately appeared in what they call "the mayor's bridge".

She avoided him but he he gave the first stabs in her back and arms. The teenager managed to run a few meters but the attacker continued to attack her until Deisy, without emitting even a single cry for help, collapsed and there Duvan continued stabbing her with severity in the neck while saying "so that I'm not deceived" .

The terrifying scene happened in a matter of seconds, without anyone being able to do anything to help her. Some people noticed the fact when Deisy was already lying lifeless on the road.

All they could do was surround the savage killer so he would not try to escape. Some even threw stones at him. The killer, with amazing cynicism, went down to the creek, threw the knife and washed his hands.

The friends of Deisy who witnessed the attack, screamed and ran out to ask for help from the soldiers who patrolled the outskirts of the town. The Army officers captured the killer shortly afterwards.

The rejectable event occurred in a district having approximately 14,000 inhabitants among its 23 villages. It does not have a police station for over 25 years when the FARC guerrillas chased out the troops that were stationed there.

Its inhabitants feel unprotected and without cultural and artistic projects that promote values ​​in young people the area went quickly downhill.

Deisy was the second of 5 children. During her childhood she lived in the village of Campoalegre in the municipality of La Argentina but the family settled in Bethlehem about 6 years ago so the children could continue studying at the local high school.

The young woman had a relationship for two years with Duvan, who lived behind their house, less than 80 meters away. When Deisy became pregnant, Duvan soon left for Bogotá. Deisy's mother was the one who assisted her throughout the pregnancy.

The boyfriend returned when the baby was born and the couple continued to live with Deisy's family.

But the coexistence of the young woman with Duvan became intolerable, they argued at every moment, he wanted to decide everything for her, threatened to hurt her and apparently physically mistreated her on a regular basis.

The young student suffered in silence. She often looked like she had cried but when you asked her what was wrong she did not say anything as she lived in fear for her and her baby's life.

Her father never liked getting involved into the relationships of others, as well as his own kids.

As her friends now tell, she had told him that she did not want to continue living with her boyfriend, but she did not say anything to her mother. Maybe she thought that the mother was not going to support her with her daughter.

Finally, after a period of mistreatment, the teenager decided to tell Duvan to leave the family home and ended the relationship.

He was standing all day near the house telling her to forgive him, the mother told. Deisy did not back down on her decision and what she experienced in the following days was torture since Duván continued to persecute her, harassing her, taking her out of where she was meeting with her classmates doing school work, coming out on the road and again he insisted that she went back with him.

Given Deisy's refusal, the man became more violent, as on two occasions he assaulted her and her friends who accompanied her on the road had to intervene. In one of the altercations, the ex-boyfriend grabbed her by the neck by force and dipped her head into a pool full of water, near a ranch next to the road.

On another occasion, Deisy had her clothes drying in the courtyard after having washed them and Duvan cut them all up with scissors.

"One day some Army soldiers passed by on the street, I called them and I told them about the situation and I asked them to please talk to him, I also told one of his brothers to tell the dad that I would advise not to continue bothering Deisy, "says the mother, but nothing happened.

Deisy, meanwhile, characterized by her humility and shyness did not denounce Duvan for fear that she could do something against her brothers or her dad.

The day before, on Sunday, Deisy went to walk, taking the baby girl to the park, and then she dedicated herself to school work until late at night.
The baby was sleeping. On Monday she got up at 4:30. In the kitchen, while she left the food ready for her daughter.

At noon, the family was in the house, when they heard loud knocks on the door. The mother opened and a neighbor, without saying anything, just pointed to the street with despair. Immediately, the mother thought that Duvan was again bothering her daughter and started to run to her aid.

"When I got to where she was she already was lifeless, I did not look at her and just shouted for God take her to the hospital, but people said he already killed her, he already killed her.

Right there was that man sitting all bloody, they were stopping him there, I was very angry, I said kill that bastard but no, I immediately went back to the house because I had left the girls alone, I decided not to look at her like that and keep the memory of when i had of her that morning."

Given the limited financial resources of the family to bury the body of Deisy, a solidarity campaign was conducted led by the town radio station, My Radio, the pastor Odair Ruíz and the president of the Community Action Board, Hermides Elías Bolaños . The community raised a sum close to 10 million pesos, and the Mayor of the municipality of La Plata donated the coffin. The remaining money is destined for the maintenance of the baby that was left without his mother.

On Wednesday, November 22, the funeral of the young woman was held, some 4 thousand people from La Argentina, La Plata and the nearby villages accompanied the funeral in a way it had never been seen before in a funeral.

Johana, a teacher at the Educational Institution, where Deisy studied, said that the case took the school community by surprise.

"Deisy was a student who did not talk much, a very humble girl, responsible in her school activities and dedicated to her daughter to whom she was still nursing.

After this fact is that the situation she lived in with her ex-partner and within her family came to light. From the many projects that we have in the institution they have been taught that they should speak, there are even spaces like addresses where we maintain self-esteem talks, there is a project called Villa Rights where the right of women is instilled, children, everything that was legally arranged, and a sex education project to which she belonged.

But that is our big question, why she never came over to say anything, never gave cause for even one to suspect what was happening. He could not open a traject of attention for her case. "
9,230 views Dec 28, 2017

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