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Young Girl Stealing From Drug Traffickers
No further info about this media.
114,755 views Oct 18, 2017

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Mr x
Fuck you man you cowarldy
+3 votes
Dec 3, 2019
Have you noticed brown skinned men like to beat and torture women more than anything? It’s because all they care about is sucking cock. The cartel is basically a big sausage party of guys fucking and sucking each other off. Easy to discard a woman when all you want is cock.
+10 votes
Jan 18, 2020
Good Luck Faggot Veteran 13,189 points
Hahahahaha,  You're killing me over here!  And I think you're right.
Kurtis mann Natural Addict 7,071 points
I knew it, brown men are the biggest fucking faggots
the_SHIT_astral Intermediate 1,176 points
Es igualdad de género broh
(Es sarcasmo no se valla a ofender)
rejectMonkey Intermediate 1,313 points
Lol at the 'fun' tag.
+1 vote
Sep 18, 2021
Infected Rain Beginner 164 points
Yeah she fkd up but it's still not right. Animals!
0 votes
Nov 10, 2021
Good Luck Faggot Veteran 13,189 points
I hate these pussies who go so easy on females compared to men. We're equal so either take it easy on everyone or make it harsh on everyone.  Dildos
+1 vote
Dec 30, 2021
SeXthDiMeNsIoN Overlord 5,287 points
Fuck, she got off easy.
+2 votes
Feb 28, 2022
Kurtis mann Natural Addict 7,071 points
Are all of them children?? damn, they look like they're 14
+1 vote
Jun 15, 2022
Kermit Trafficker Intermediate 1,396 points
They punch like bitches lmfao
0 votes
Jul 3, 2022
FuckTheFools Addicted 1,535 points
Bcz they are two little faggs! The girl will mauled them if she wasn't at gun point
GiuseZagato Addicted 1,676 points
–1 vote
Jul 8, 2022
FuckTheFools Addicted 1,535 points
My gaaawd, if the girl wasn't at gun point, she will mauled to death those two skinny faggots
0 votes
Oct 19, 2022
Lucifah Famous 3,117 points
Too bad she's stuck in Brazil.
0 votes
Dec 19, 2022 27 points
stupid bitch
+1 vote
Dec 27, 2022
Jaydon Experienced 324 points
weak fuckers, she didn't shed a tear!
+1 vote
Jan 4
GrahamSmith Intermediate 1,396 points
+1 vote
Jan 17
Leo CEO 69,489 points

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