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Scumbag Cruelly Beats Homeless Man
1,460 views Sep 10, 2019
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robbievik Level 1 150 points
Someone should kick the bag of shit in the head that is beating on a homeless man obviously he does not respect his elders
–1 vote
Sep 10, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 93 points
this from a sick bastard who enjoys seeing innocent few weeks old kittens tortured and crushed? to everyone who reads this the scum fuk above robbievic is a sick fuck theres this evil sick video of this chinky women crusgshing a kitten in high heels and this no mark comented and said "so hot ,need to see more" yet hes on countless vids where someone gets hurt and hes against it hes a sick bastard who finds humans being hurt horrid but yet innocent animals he enjoys it , cant get more innocent and defenceless than a few week old kitten
robbievik Level 1 150 points
Hey shit eating faggot just keep eating your shit after all you are a fag and who know love licking ring peices  maybe I mail your mother fucking head  to you your place for your birthday or slit your throat
Just remember you're in his house
+1 vote
Sep 25, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 93 points
the guy above robbievic is pure evil read my imfo on it above xx
zack Level 3 6,849 points
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