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Man Attack People With A Truck At Wisconsin Christmas Parade
WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: In a small white suburb outside of crime ridden Milwaukee, and 50 miles north of Kenosha, a black suspect (and convicted violent felon) used his truck to murder and injure multiple victims attending a local Christmas Parade.
11,380 views Nov 22

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Woo Woo
fucking niggers. better off as slaves
+7 votes
Nov 22
Jew Slayer Level 1 460 points
@Woo Woo
Agreed 100% they were actually created as a slave race, they are here to be slaves , PERIOD !
thank you for posting this… the deacription that they gave on the news really doesnt describe how fucked up dude was…. a complete piece pf shit….. if his actions and his rap sheet dont define N****r than I dont know what does…. he’ll never see the light of day again….
+1 vote
Nov 23
Jew Slayer Level 1 460 points
@Nik Hey dumbass it’s spelled NIGGER ! WTF are you doing acting like it’s some kind of sacred word or something ? These people are NIGGERS, PERIOD !
this dude for sure is…..a child he hit just died so now hes facing 6 murders….. and he plowed over and injured what is now 62 people…. for no reason at all smmfh WI doesnt have the death penalty unless someone gets to him before a verdict….. what a complete FUCK!
He's trying to stop Christmas from getting earlier every year
+2 votes
Nov 23
Cheeki Breeki Level 1 72 points
Was looking for a sum up version. Good job
+1 vote
Nov 23
FightForWhatsWhite Level 1 60 points
this is a racist attack! If it was a white guy with mostly black people, everyone would say it was racist!! Whenever white people do fucked up things, people always stereotype us! Like whenever a mass shooting or pedo story comes out and the guy is white, people always stereotype us as pedos or mass shooters!!!! Why don't people ever stereotype blacks as pedos or mass killers?!?!?!
0 votes
Nov 23
BubbleGoo Level 1 169 points
What a score streak, I hope he was an incel.
+1 vote
Nov 24
booyaa325 Level 1 56 points
this fucking monkey not only murderd a 6 year old kid in all of this but he is also a fucking pedo yeah just youtube this fucking niggers court case you'll see his list a mile long with his bullshit from beating his baby mamma than hitting her with the same car that he ran everyone over wtih to sex trafficking 15 year olds
–1 vote
Nov 25
As a black man i just wanna say sorry towards the folks who lost loved ones. i dont care if this man shares the same skin color as me he needs to be sent to jail and possibly be executed. This sort of behavior is unacceptable and my condolences goes out to the folks who lost their loved ones..
+1 vote
Nov 25
Yucky Level 2 1,363 points
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