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Rescue Mission Goes Horribly Wrong In China
8,472 views Nov 16

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Butt-head Level 1 539 points
Lol you dumbasses x)
–2 votes
Nov 16
What a dum fuck! Did you buy the outfit and forget to invest in your training? Only in fkn china. I thought you motherfuckers were supposed to be smart?
–1 vote
Nov 16
So this is what the suicide hotline in China works. They take helping to a whole other level
–1 vote
Nov 18
rawdawg Level 1 416 points
Both drunk, looks like he ran off with the bottle .. and then, ... damn.
+2 votes
Nov 18
RedStinkyFinger Level 1 18 points
Very sad, man has bad day and wants to be stubborn, now you and the innocent man who was trying to save your life is dead. *facepalm*
+1 vote
Nov 19
Real_Misanthrope Level 1 764 points
Lol! Made in China.
–2 votes
Nov 23
OBrasileiro Level 1 306 points
I hate it, when people scream for no reason, you're not the one in pain, nor dying, just shut the fuck up already.

Plus he was supposed to be in duo, where's the dumbas that was supposed to hold the security rope.
0 votes
Nov 26
Dark British Empire Level 1 57 points
Maybe the man didn't really want to kill himself.
0 votes
Nov 28
Am I the only one that laughed? I'm so jaded
0 votes
Dec 1
Yucky Level 2 1,440 points
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