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Crazy! Car Jack Broken Into Two While In Use
Genius Attempts To Leg Press a Tractor
8,950 views 4 days ago

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theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,337 points
Lol that's his legs that snapped not the car jack, unless he was the car jack
0 votes
4 days ago
Jew Slayer Level 1 381 points
@theredwatercomesout I didn’t see it at first and then after watching the video again I see both legs broke his knees in the reverse position. UGGGHHHHHH- OWWWWWCCHH
shit on cock Level 2 2,024 points
thats why you never lock out on a leg press , you dumb fucking gorilla...
–3 votes
4 days ago
Jew Slayer Level 1 381 points
@shit on cock It’s funny you can tell the niggers downvote your posts when you speak truth….. I gave you an upvote because I agree with you, all the dark races are gorilla species
shit on cock Level 2 2,024 points
oh yes , they are very united and righteous... except when they even kill each other for crack money , they aint no better than rabid dogs... but this descriptions is somehow offensive to the rabid dogs , cuz niggers are way lower than that
LittleTwat123 Level 1 11 points
these monk boys are animals yet people think we're bad and call white men pedos and creeps which is unfair! Not all pedos are white! I saw a story about a black pedo in 2010 so yes they do exist! I'd rather be known for pedo shit than being known for having big monkey dicks. I don't understand why so many white women would rather fuck these monk boys than us! We're a dying race and it needs to stop before it's too late!!!!!
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 412 points
Pathetically admirable
–1 vote
3 days ago
Nepisssss Level 1 2 points
LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO WHATTTT  these dumb fucking Indians just cant get any dumber . What an absolute IDIOT , he casually think he can hold up the weight of a thousands of kilograms just with his dumb legs ? What is he high on , cow poop ?
0 votes
13 hours ago
mark Level 7 41,122 points
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