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Important Update!

Beautiful Woman Record Her Own Suicide
Don't know why she hang up her self, but we can see in the video she was very considerate to record her own death.
266,092 views Aug 25, 2017

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GoreMaster Experienced 341 points
Young Beauty girl and then this why?
+31 votes
Jan 24, 2019
VVereVVolf 87 points
Probably some douche bag broke her heart.
They get really crazy when they get
dumped for another Broad.
RacistsLLL 82 points
Imagine killing urself over that what a pussy
Yes why..thats are always people asking...but never before... people dont give a fuck..i know from myself man! Even if they wants to help..they will just push you more to still wondering why im still here... so for now later,...
+27 votes
Feb 14, 2019
The DarkCrusader 49 points
Do yourself and God a favor. just fucking kill yourself NOW. dont forget to upload.
shiteatingfaggott Beginner 206 points
too right the filthy ugly skank
you are a corrupt cunt made of slaves child born from generation to generation drinking and smoking. I'll send you to hell shiteatingfaggott you are imitate your mother's genes
robbievik Extreme Poster 644 points
Its sad she was a beautiful woman
+27 votes
Jun 25, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Beginner 206 points
so why did that kitten deserve to die then? you sick fuck
ezptre 87 points
Fake as shit, noobs.
+27 votes
Jul 30, 2019
Slumerica Addicted 2,020 points
She's not hanging silly fools.... She strapped herself to wall while turning into a zombie.... Duh.... She protecting other citizens
+28 votes
Feb 23, 2021
Yamika Extreme Poster 588 points
I shouldn't be laughing, but you made me do it. I usually only see toxic comments, but good to know that some of them are good like yours, thank you for the good laugh mate. I'm sure we'll see each other in hell or something again.
+16 votes
Jun 15, 2021
sayaksark Addicted 2,105 points
Kurtis mann Natural Addict 7,051 points
tanasinn Extreme Poster 619 points
looks fake
+23 votes
Jul 28, 2021
Can you imagine how tight her panocha got?
+25 votes
Dec 5, 2021
VVereVVolf 87 points
She Robbin Williamed herself.
Which is crazy because if you're even
a semi-attractive chick, your life is probably
90% better than the average Cow.
What a shame.  R.I.P.
+23 votes
Dec 27, 2021
Yamika Extreme Poster 588 points
I feel sorry for the people who commit suicide, they've must've been through so much pain and suffering. I mean, I myself am also suffering- but would I kill myself? No, not yet. Please let all of these victims have a good rest in the afterlife, maker.
+26 votes
Jan 25, 2022
ddggdkdkk 82 points
Since you believe in a paradise, people who commit suicide remain in purgatory and will never be able to go to heaven or hell, they will only suffer more, but now for eternity.
They won't. If it so easy, everyone should suicide. But the truth is real hell awaits, there will be no peace
Lonetrader420 Intermediate 1,156 points
I like the ones that fight and contort!
+23 votes
Jan 27, 2022
Necrogirl Advanced 2,285 points
They are the best
I shouldn't be sad because she's a white women and i hate white community
+22 votes
Feb 3, 2022
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,092 points
But she is a woman, you could've used her to bred your own race
Miloud Intermediate 1,071 points
He deserve it mother's fucker son of bitche go hell for ever and burning for ever and burning for ever and burning for
+22 votes
Mar 8, 2022
Dannaa 94 points
Eso Parece falso
It's fake !!
+22 votes
Mar 9, 2022
TRTRTRTR03 Extreme Poster 647 points
how fake
cati_uwu_girl_69 Beginner 225 points
ow man,, she s a real pussy if she did that for a man >_<!!
+23 votes
Mar 10, 2022
Necrogirl Advanced 2,285 points
FD Advanced 2,315 points
Looks like a last slow dance.
+22 votes
Mar 12, 2022
sayaksark Addicted 2,105 points
why does the hand get paralysesd while hanging?
+22 votes
Apr 14, 2022
TalkToJohnDoe Well-Known 895 points
+21 votes
May 3, 2022
Zoio de peixe Experienced 262 points
So nice, i love gore, i love people dying. Post more please.
+20 votes
May 3, 2022
The Non Smoker Addicted 2,092 points
And fking nobody cared, she probably just made more mess to clean up
+17 votes
Jun 17, 2022
Leo CEO 68,569 points

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