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The whole family is attacked with ax blows
Deadly weapon
53,099 views Oct 2, 2021

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PowerRanger1717 Experienced 322 points
that cat is eating that persons brains
+9 votes
Oct 2, 2021
lku Omega 17,767 points
Yes unfortunately...
TheDevilsAngel Hacker 82,609 points
Best part of the video imo
PowerRanger1717 Experienced 322 points
yea lol
TheSniperLeader Addicted 1,584 points
That Cat is on Crack
nobody72 Beginner 189 points
For real though
Miloud Intermediate 1,070 points
Witch country has happened that murder and the cat is pretty good to eat brain
FuckWhatAmIDoing Addicted 1,856 points
"Im going to die!" "Okay" "Okay then" BRUUVV
+6 votes
Oct 2, 2021
Daniel Lakkari Well-Known 959 points
Hahah right
arianna Famous 4,291 points
lmao look at the cat
+5 votes
Oct 2, 2021
TheSniperLeader Addicted 1,584 points
That fucker to me
Marilyn Advanced 2,532 points
that cat doesn't even care lmao
+6 votes
Oct 2, 2021
TheSniperLeader Addicted 1,584 points
Looks like he haven't ate year decides eat brain
Batshitcrazy Experienced 393 points
The Cat is the only one smiling.
+3 votes
Oct 2, 2021
232Bas Veteran 10,720 points
Good cat
+3 votes
Oct 2, 2021
Butt-Head Omega 23,542 points
Is anyone else getting hard from this ?
+6 votes
Oct 2, 2021
TheSniperLeader Addicted 1,584 points
Lowkey getting turned on ? No what the fuck wrong with Butthead WTF You okay dude
Herkzno Morth Natural Addict 7,013 points
for some reason, he's butthead
TEREYAKI_GOD73 3 points
wanna get it on or something?
Butt-Head Omega 23,542 points
Depends on what you're offering
SheLovesBigNiggerDic Extreme Poster 553 points
Dude that cat is a legend
+2 votes
Oct 2, 2021
TheSniperLeader Addicted 1,584 points
How is that cat legend dumbass
TheSniperLeader Addicted 1,584 points
Fuck those dudes doing that to harmless family fucling pussys
+3 votes
Oct 3, 2021
Overlord 5,370 points
Eㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤ
–4 votes
Oct 4, 2021
theredwatercomesout Famous 4,067 points
That cat found a delicacy
+1 vote
Oct 5, 2021
Carver just that
Yea, it's also our's man if u know u know, the brains r really tasty, creamy n eggy like texture n taste so yummy, i literally go crazy if i dont get brains every now an again, they r a form of high quality delicassy
shit on cock Veteran 10,491 points
lots of beached whales... a niggers dream , i would had said something about that cat , but you faggots already commented on it haha
+4 votes
Oct 15, 2021
SeXthDiMeNsIoN Overlord 5,307 points
The family that's slayed together stays together.
+2 votes
Feb 27, 2022
Stan_IVE_11 Beginner 131 points
Soon shell become spitter from left4dead 2
+2 votes
Mar 14, 2022
DarkSun Beginner 143 points
Damn where's the cat pov it'll be interesting
+2 votes
Mar 16, 2022
Nathsanvidh913 Experienced 414 points
Why do people sin (913)
+2 votes
Mar 27, 2022
TEREYAKI_GOD73 3 points
mvp on the video is the cat
0 votes
Nov 25, 2022
Serralis Overlord 6,018 points
Brazil as always, deadliest country to be killed
0 votes
Dec 13, 2022
Eachdayigrowmore 69 points
I never liked cats until now
0 votes
Dec 18, 2022
Gorelover 56 points
This cat needs to be tortured
0 votes
Dec 22, 2022
lku Omega 17,767 points
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