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Teen Girl Being Beaten With Sticks By Group Of Women
She is being beaten 'for bad behavior'...
9,174 views 2 days ago

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CarolynAmazin1 Level 1 128 points
This is still terrible but it seems like she luckily wasn't dismembered.. For now
+4 votes
2 days ago
232Bas Level 1 74 points
don't worry, she will be
d3st1nyx3r0 Level 1 377 points
Looks like a game of whack a hoe lol
+2 votes
2 days ago
TheKingOfKingz Level 1 222 points
Yeah you should try it it's a fun game
Jew Slayer Level 1 300 points
@TheKingOfKingz We do try and play as much as we can, it just depends on how many niggers we can round up on a weekend, there’s not many C O L O R E D folk in the Czech Republic thank God
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,195 points
You a fan of jiri prochazka?
@jewslayer so you are a Czech republican idiot? I seems you have devoted your life to hate black people who are almost nonexistent in Czechia. You are probably a lonely, fat, white boy suffering from some mental disorders who lives with his karen mum
Marilyn Level 1 606 points
that must hurt
+4 votes
2 days ago
Arianna Level 1 403 points
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 665 points
Like a bitch. She's taking it good tho. Lol
Jew Slayer Level 1 300 points
For you idiots and niggers out there, this is a gang initiation taking place.
–1 vote
1 day ago
TheKingOfKingz Level 1 222 points
Gangs? mature and smart black people with home training don't join gangs. Only the hoodrat and the not so clever blacks join gangs.
Jew Slayer Level 1 300 points
@TheKingOfKingz Sorry Nigg Dizzle there is no such thing as a “smart” or ‘mature” nigger, just take a look at the countries they come from, they cannot build or sustain a 1st world country and are parasitical to every nation they step foot in. Just look at the track record kiddo. Open your fucking eyes
CarolynAmazin1 Level 1 128 points
I am guessing a nigger to you is anyone who has black in them or dark skin?
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 665 points
Nah this is some sick foreplay before the squirt party
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,195 points
Looks like she got off early
0 votes
1 day ago
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 665 points
Early? Did she cum?
KraKKerKiller6996 Level 1 665 points
I mean... At least she's taking it like a champ. I've seen grown ass men on this site squeal like pigs over the same punishment. Lmao it's hilarious really. Women are a whole lot tougher on this site than the faggot ass pussy whiny men.
+1 vote
23 hours ago
mark Level 7 39,075 points
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