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Brazil Compilation
Brazil is fucking wild
6,528 views 3 days ago

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d3st1nyx3r0 Level 1 377 points
Should be a tourism video
+2 votes
3 days ago
Sussy Baka Level 1 193 points
Jungle niggers got nothing to do better in life
0 votes
2 days ago
TheKingOfKingz Level 1 222 points
ok chink
kraiqsono Level 1 158 points
sorry i dont speak stupid
can't even tell what they're doing at the last one, what brings someone to do this to another human?
–1 vote
2 days ago
Whatever. Level 1 21 points
i always say this these people got no means to live like a normal humans so whats left to do is be animals
kraiqsono Level 1 158 points
@anonymous, they are celebrating the death of the rival gang member. Who knows what goes on through their minds.
kraiqsono Level 1 158 points
Esse é meu país! Orgulho nacional! Cachaça, vadias e samba!
–1 vote
2 days ago
Marilyn Level 1 606 points
nice song
–1 vote
2 days ago
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,196 points
Joao Gilberto <3
–1 vote
1 day ago
Earlys Level 1 83 points
Damn Brazil is fucking crazy
–1 vote
1 day ago
Raccoon Level 2 1,017 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!
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