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Mother Let Her Daughter Walk Alone Causes Tragic Accident
The mom is careless about her daughter.
12,660 views Jul 28

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Slumerica Level 2 1,071 points
Damn... Kinda wonder if the bike stopped. Sure looked like hey wasn't going to.
+2 votes
Jul 28
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,195 points
I always wonder when watching vids like this.. the person appears to be rushing towards their death.. she zigged at the right time for the bike to zag her destiny into oblivion
Slumerica Level 2 1,071 points
Totally.... The wrong zig at the wrong zag.... Ooof
Sniper King Level 1 268 points
Yeah that fucker dint stop Obviously he Seen but dint Care what a Asshole
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,195 points
Damn that fucking sucks man.. rest in pieces
+2 votes
Jul 28
TheDevilsAngel Level 2 1,594 points
Lots and lots of pieces
crackaholic69 Level 1 104 points
hahaha the fucking dog at the end
0 votes
Jul 29
ImNot2Sure Level 1 183 points
Girl trying to fucking kill herself? Fucking dumbass. (I know it's a kid but at least have some a bit of common sense)
+1 vote
Jul 29
Rex Black Level 1 166 points
I wonder if her other child got a dislocated arm at the end, and possibly road rash if nothing else. I'd be surprised if she didn't the way she looks like she is being dragged.
0 votes
Aug 28
she crossed in a hurry as if she saw God threw candies on the other side of the road. Afterwards she became one of the "others" to haunt that spot.
0 votes
Aug 30
Sniper King Level 1 268 points
Whattt what Dumb bitchh Really
0 votes
Sep 1
mark Level 7 39,075 points
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