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Chicago Man Executed By Masked Hitman
4,940 views Jul 20

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Jew Slayer Level 1 217 points
I’m still waiting for the outrage from niggers across the USA, why aren’t they burning down the cities and robbing, raping and pillaging like they always do when complete LOSERS like drug addict and dealer George Floyd died ? C-mon all you Nigg Noggers let’s see you rise up and stop your people from killing one another ! Tsk Tsk stupid black bastards.
0 votes
Jul 20
Shut yo bitch ass tf up white boy you racist in every fucking video no matter what race you talkin about
Jew Slayer Level 1 217 points
That’s what these videos are about bitch ass nigger boy Floyd wannabe , it’s about showing the TRUFS to the people and commenting on it, so far I haven’t seen any outrage from whimpy little bitch niggers like yourself, trying to cry out for justice and stop your animal race from killing one another. Do you not understand that your violence feeds the lower vibrational entities , it’s like food for them you black cuck ! Wake the fuck up Oh- Ye Beast of the Field !
You a whole bitch nigga you being racist asf if I caught yo dumb ass in person I’ll knock yo bitch ass out white boy you talkin bout black people but y’all white niggas be fuckin y’all own cousins nigga shut yo goofy ass up
Bitch ass nigga
@JewSlayer you be doing all that talkin bout black people cuz yk how black people is  y’all white niggas is str8 bitches y’all be getting y’all ass beat in every fight  bitch ass nigga you ain’t tryna do shit with me in person I’ll knock yo goofy ass out I ain’t like other soft ass niggas
@JewSlayer you the most goofy nigga on this website
Fuck you jewslayer nigga u a racist piece of shit pussy ass white nigga Bandzzz is completely right so what if we shoot each other nigga yall niggas shoot eachother too yall fuck eachother and just like yo bitch ass u niggas racist and got no chill and yall niggas food garbage and yall niggas just be hating and just like bandzzz said yall niggas always the ones getting yall ass beat in fights so who really the loser punk ass nigga u the real parasite cuz if u look in human history we started black yall niggas just unnatural fucking paper skinned weak wimpy bitches so take ya revolver and jack Daniels and cousin/girlfriend and Stfu and delete yo account white boy
@FuckJewSlayer Straight Facts
@JewSlayer as much as I don't agree with your use of words to put down black people and accusing black people of raping and burning everything, you do make a point. I've watched to many videos of black people killing one another and not giving a damn about there black brothers or sisters. Our black community screams black lives matter, but end killing and destroying our own families. How can black lives matter to anyone when the shit doesn't seem to matter to us. Then we sit here and wonder why the white man looks down on us. We need stop tearing each other down and building each other up. Just my thinking...
0 votes
3 days ago
@PeaceandLovebaby you didn’t say nun wrong   Just spoke facts
@PeaceandLovebaby so thanks
0 votes
2 days ago
mark Level 7 36,159 points
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