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Russian Army Recruit Training

semper fi!

20,750 views Jan 25

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KMDisciples67 Omega 16,544 points
That bitch is fineee as hell tho for real
+6 votes
Jan 25
Chick_Magnet -37 points
yeah , she is cute
GR Extreme Poster 579 points
hahahaha, look at @Chick_Magnet trying to pretend he's into girls, dude you're more fucking gay than that anime faggot troll Chicken_Lover, you two homos should hookup, seriously
KneeonGeorge Omega 24,986 points
@cock_magnet we know you're into cock and hairy balls. Stop pretending.
Chicken_Lover Overlord 6,443 points
GR you're the biggest faggot on this site, the only taste of pussy you've ever had is when your whore of a mother shat you out.
Chick_Magnet -37 points
lol , nice one
KMDisciples67 Omega 16,544 points
God that bitch was fine tho I’d let her sit on my face any day had to watch it again to gawk over that bitch
chancho Veteran 12,559 points
women always do everything half-assedly
+5 votes
Jan 25
Chick_Magnet -37 points
well she is cute and out of my league too , i should stop dreaming , lol
0 votes
Jan 25
TheHound Famous 4,218 points
His face is all busted up and hers is pristine. Pussy privilege in the Russian military
+4 votes
Jan 25
Bfotv Experienced 310 points
that's nice to look at..
+2 votes
Jan 25
TheGentleMan Beginner 142 points
Well,I was surprised after reading the comments:-)
+3 votes
Jan 25
tumamaputa0715 Well-Known 906 points
Bitch and blood dumb
+1 vote
Jan 25
NukeDukem Experienced 281 points
He took a beating for both of them
+3 votes
Jan 25
Morfient Addicted 1,671 points
There's not enough blood on her face
0 votes
Jan 25
cacao Addicted 1,546 points
hot fukin bitch
+3 votes
Jan 25
Nigger slave owner Beginner 161 points
I'm gonna rape this woman
–1 vote
6 days ago
AdolfiaReptilary 3 points
@Nigger slave owneryou are from eu you cant rape any russian woman, cuz u are a fag from eu. fags can only fuck them selfs in their asses.
EUfagStomper -16 points
@Nigger slave owner i bet she will rape you with her starpon bro
brent peterson 21 points
russian womans fine ashell they deserved to get raped!\
+1 vote
6 days ago
EUfagStomper -16 points
@brent peterson they wont feel small infected dicks of European fags
BadgerFromTheYNC The Boss 38,983 points

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