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Sexy Teen Girl Cries After Being Pissed On!
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13,809 views Jan 24

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Nigger slave owner Beginner 159 points
Let me fuck her to death
–2 votes
Jan 24
Guvnor Veteran 12,135 points
Piss on him, see if he wants a drink of water..
+3 votes
Jan 24
Butt-Head Omega 22,262 points
I would love for her to piss in my mouth C:
BadgerFromTheYNC The Boss 38,909 points
I've seen nicer looking heads in a lettuce patch.
+1 vote
Jan 24
Killer on the road Overlord 6,795 points
cabbage patch
Crimnt Well-Known 821 points
It's water....taste it.

Smacks lips
+2 votes
Jan 25
GR Extreme Poster 577 points
Never mind a little pee, she should be ashamed of having sex with a fat grandpa
tumamaputa0715 Well-Known 906 points
Fuck O
pee X
Record O
Drink x
Get money O
No ice, no cream, Tall size
One bitch plz
+2 votes
Jan 25
Yackballs Experienced 475 points
Rookie of the year. Lol
–1 vote
6 days ago
worthlesstrashwhoree Addicted 1,852 points
i would have done it better tbh
–2 votes
6 days ago
Butt-Head Omega 22,262 points
Taken his old man piss in your mouth...? Lol wut?
worthlesstrashwhoree Addicted 1,852 points
yes :3
MOMO! Intermediate 1,162 points
Its always the worthless whores ^_^
Killer on the road Overlord 6,795 points
If you dont like it you should not have come you dumb ass cunt. Hell whats the big deal she probably constantly pisses her pants all woman do.
0 votes
6 days ago
Chicken_Lover Overlord 6,443 points
Damn that's a haggard looking "teen"
+1 vote
6 days ago
LoonyBinJim Experienced 422 points
Is this a gore site or a fucking porn trash site? Where is that faggot: @Billthebutcher aka BillTheBITCH to cry about it?
–3 votes
5 days ago
UNDERDOG Beginner 109 points
kill her
0 votes
4 days ago
Butt-Head Omega 22,262 points

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