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It began, police say, as a dispute among neighbors in Abilene, Tex. Two families argued about where to dump trash in an adjacent alleyway. Insults escalated to threats, and a father and son, both armed, allegedly shot and killed a 37-year-old man who lived next-door in an encounter that was captured on camera.

Police have arrested the shooters, 67-year-old John Miller and 31-year-old Michael Miller, who have been charged with murder in the death of Aaron Howard.

The Sept. 1 standoff between the neighbors, which ended in the fatal shooting, was the final argument in a days-long feud over trash disposal, said Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge, speaking at a news conference about an hour after the incident.

“It’s been going on for a couple days, and it culminated in today’s violence,” Standridge said.

Howard was killed in front of his brother and his common-law wife, Kara Box, who recorded the encounter on her cellphone. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published the footage on Thursday, which gives a rare glimpse into a deadly dispute and sheds new light on a weeks-old killing.

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NescafeCappuccino Level 1 1 point
American trash
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May 27
NescafeCappuccino Level 1 1 point
poor men killed for that ...
Tommy Level 1 6 points
NescafeCappucino --> Typical liberal fag. Triggered over guns. Stay hidden in your favorite Starbucks soy boy.
NescafeCappuccino Level 1 1 point
I am nothing of that I just think it is stupid to kill someone for this.
Tommy Level 1 6 points
The loud mouth orange shirt wouldn't shut up in front of two armed men. Like an hysteric woman. He should have known better. Darwin awards.
Tommy Level 1 6 points
.They forgot the screaming pig he married.
The DarkCrusader Level 1 19 points
another fat trash in the dust. clean up time
0 votes
Jul 23
rb Level 5 16,082 points
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