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It began, police say, as a dispute among neighbors in Abilene, Tex. Two families argued about where to dump trash in an adjacent alleyway. Insults escalated to threats, and a father and son, both armed, allegedly shot and killed a 37-year-old man who lived next-door in an encounter that was captured on camera.

Police have arrested the shooters, 67-year-old John Miller and 31-year-old Michael Miller, who have been charged with murder in the death of Aaron Howard.

The Sept. 1 standoff between the neighbors, which ended in the fatal shooting, was the final argument in a days-long feud over trash disposal, said Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge, speaking at a news conference about an hour after the incident.

“It’s been going on for a couple days, and it culminated in today’s violence,” Standridge said.

Howard was killed in front of his brother and his common-law wife, Kara Box, who recorded the encounter on her cellphone. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published the footage on Thursday, which gives a rare glimpse into a deadly dispute and sheds new light on a weeks-old killing.

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NescafeCappuccino 2 points
American trash
0 votes
May 27, 2019
NescafeCappuccino 2 points
poor men killed for that ...
Tommy 6 points
NescafeCappucino --> Typical liberal fag. Triggered over guns. Stay hidden in your favorite Starbucks soy boy.
NescafeCappuccino 2 points
I am nothing of that I just think it is stupid to kill someone for this.
Tommy 6 points
The loud mouth orange shirt wouldn't shut up in front of two armed men. Like an hysteric woman. He should have known better. Darwin awards.
Tommy 6 points
.They forgot the screaming pig he married.
The DarkCrusader 43 points
another fat trash in the dust. clean up time
+4 votes
Jul 23, 2019
just me
Are you fucking kidding me? I felt no remorse for that woman. "Yo'll not gone kill my husband!" This is what you say, instead of calming down that moron of a husband
? This is the reaction of a an unarmed man in front of two armed ones? Life proves you wrong sometimes.
+6 votes
Oct 5, 2019
Fucking Americans are so bad
+2 votes
Dec 4, 2019
XRedPyramidX -153 points
Brazil has a worse crime rate idiot. It has nothing to do with the nationality
Dumb Americans
Funny how youre making a comparison of your great nation of the US with a shithole criminal filled country like Brazil , instead of another first world country like sweden or england . Lmao . Just shows how delusional you Americans retards are , imagine having school shooting and public massacres on a monthly basis and still insist that other shithole poverty ridden country is worse LOL
US_Is_Superior_To_EU 3 points
imagine thinking the fucking shithole of Europe is better than the US Europe is quite literally the biggest dumpster on the entire planet and is inferior in every fucking way, absolute dog shit dumpster European continent have fun with those Arabs bombing you on a daily basis and getting stabbed everywhere you walk because Europe is inferior in every way, dog shit continent you Euro faggots lost 1/3rd of your worthless subhuman population to some fucking rats and fleas absolute joke you pussies are inferior in every way LMFAOO cry about it US is and will always be superior to the sub human dumpster known as Europe, cry about it European faggot
Swedenstan and Englandstan are third-world shitholes teeming with niggers and sand niggers.
Joor79 Experienced 300 points
This is what happens when you try to protect your self from crazy drugged fat fucks you get charged with murder everybody let's get together and get these men off these trumped-up charges orange shirt freak was deliberately repeatedly threatening their lives and then attacked them they stood their ground and now they're in trouble fuck this country
+2 votes
Mar 27, 2020
Bang bang shot u down !
+2 votes
Jul 19, 2020
America FUCK YEAHH!!!
+2 votes
Mar 23, 2021
Slumerica Intermediate 1,394 points
'Merica fuck YEAH! HAHAHA.
it's fucking sad the human race has come to fighting and killing over trash disposal. i actually felt my IQ drop while watching this video
+3 votes
Mar 24, 2021
XRedPyramidX -153 points
To what, 1 braincell?
Slumerica Intermediate 1,394 points
Hahaha wow... Go get my bb gun imma put 9 in him.... Ummm just a thought but I think you bringing the wrong gun to this gun fight homie lol
+1 vote
Jul 10, 2021
OBrasileiro Extreme Poster 745 points
Imagine if they shot the woman too after she was above her husband and the video kept going
–1 vote
Aug 24, 2021
Batshitcrazy Beginner 203 points
Was wondering about the no shirt thing when it occurred to me that they probably can't afford the plus sizes.
0 votes
Sep 5, 2021
US_Is_Superior_To_EU 3 points
Europe is inferior in every way they lost 1/3rd of their worthless subhuman population to some fucking rats and fleas absolute laughing stock jokes, every time arabs bomb European civilians i laugh my fucking ass off i cant wait for Europe to get nuked or just have a meteor crash right into the most densely populated place in Europe, idk how these Euro faggots dont kill them selves in mass amounts every day for being sub human inferior dog shit queeres the United States is simply superior and Europe is inferior to the US in every way possible, fucking faggot dyke ass clowns
+1 vote
Nov 17, 2021
Wow. You're all a fkn disgrace
Wow, first off I am one several gun owning, hunt every season. Do not give a flying fuck about a single gun law us citizen, and im telling you flat out every SINGLE DAMN ONE of you defending these goddamn hillbilly fat fucks need the same thing as Mr Howard. Fucking cowards you're all literal pussies.
+2 votes
Nov 30, 2021
Real_Misanthrope Overlord 5,349 points
Too bad they didn't kill that fucking stupid cunt too.
0 votes
Dec 3, 2021
Loudmouth down for the count.  I call that a win.
+2 votes
Dec 27, 2021
TopKek Beginner 201 points
Every single person in this video could have died and I would not care.
+2 votes
Dec 27, 2021
Deletedelete Well-Known 836 points
Dumbass inbred Trump loving faggots
+1 vote
Jan 2
Leo Omega 21,827 points
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