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Russian prisoners in a ditch

Pew Pew 

2,668 views Nov 24

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fuckthelife Omega 18,345 points
yeah, russian bastards not so big now lol
–4 votes
Nov 24
RacheleGuidi Overlord 4,543 points
You don t have to hate russians! you must inform yourself first. And not necessarily from the local newspapers that make propaganda like the covid vaccine. You are a smart guy!
fuckthelife Omega 18,345 points
ok thank you but the war in the Ukraine should not have happened russia should leave each country to rule them Selfs and not invade
RacheleGuidi Overlord 4,543 points
The US is fueling this war with billions of euros and weapons. If it weren't for these American invaders who attacked and killed Syrians, Iraqis, this puppet of Zelensky would have succumbed and in this way no Ukrainian would die. Ukraine is Russian, Romanian and Polish territory.
fuckthelife Omega 18,345 points
there will always be wars no matter who it is and country's it is all about grabbing land and oil and gas and minerals and money and gold this is now the life we all face nothing is safe and never will be someone will always want what you have,
chancho Natural Addict 9,197 points
guess they're very good at digging
+1 vote
Nov 24
Vanligovanlig Experienced 345 points
Hilton Ditch Hotel
+1 vote
Nov 25
Paint_it_black_1234 The Boss 39,503 points

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