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Some captured Russian Invaders

Pew Pew 

3,077 views Nov 24, 2022

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fuckthelife CEO 72,480 points
russian loosers the way it should be lol
–3 votes
Nov 24, 2022
Visiongzusionix Natural Addict 7,603 points
I counted 7 POW's
–1 vote
Nov 24, 2022
Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 69,323 points
I.m glad you can count :)
Vanligovanlig Intermediate 1,138 points
Got emm
+1 vote
Nov 25, 2022
Phlegm Addicted 1,774 points
Please stop spamming this kind of stuff. It isn't gore, just people walking. It isn't interesting.
–5 votes
Nov 25, 2022
Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 69,323 points
Cry me a river dude
EUfagStomper Famous 3,063 points
he is upset on russia because he waited his whole life to make something bad about russia and now his time came when this piece of shit slave of niggers woke up from his grave and started posting trash videos that he is searching 24/7 just to get some points here so he can show his mother that he supports ukraine so his mother will think that she didnt born a useless autistic chernobyl down syndrome faggot
Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 69,323 points
@EUfagStomper Crazy how much bullshit you can talk
Phlegm Addicted 1,774 points
EUfagStomper Famous 3,063 points
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Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 69,323 points
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EUfagStomper Famous 3,063 points
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EUfagStomper Famous 3,063 points
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Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 69,323 points
@EUfagStomper Do you really think you make people scared when you talk about killing someone and track them down? how old are you? 12? a kid is talking like that. And agian you say something about a mother, why are people like you so dumb i dont understand it why are people like you so cringe . Stop acting like a bad ass dude on a gore site your not cool when you watch gore and be 12 years old. And like i said the only thing you gonna fuck is your selfmade fleshlight
‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‏‏‎ ‎isaq Intermediate 1,381 points
0 votes
Jun 6
gentroon Addicted 1,609 points
I'm feeling a bit queasy after that one.
+2 votes
Jun 22
Paint_it_black_1234 CEO 69,323 points