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Man Assassinated In Front Of Sister

On Wednesday there was an armed attack on Acatán south boulevard and 10 avenue in zone 16 of the capital. The incident occurred at 5:20 in the morning.

The hit man directly attacks a man who was in front of a business, which is where he lives.

The victim was identified as Juan Calel, 28, who was accompanied by his sister, and received two bullet wounds in the chest.

Calel was waiting for the truck route 66, because although it is dedicated to trade, this Wednesday he went to classes, as he studied diversified by maturity.

The surveillance cameras of the sector captured the moment in which the man passes by his victim's side and shoots repeatedly.

The injured man approaches the premises and falls to the ground at the entrance.

Although the relatives of Calel took refuge in their home and avoided giving statements, it was indicated that last year they were victims of extortion. They came to leave a phone for collection, but never called. However, the family decided to place the security cameras in each corner.

In a preliminary way it was indicated that the hit man would have left the motorcycle ahead or they were waiting for it.

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