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LiveGore is a reality news website which reports on real life events which are of the interest to the public. Includes videos relating to true crime that have been taken from across the world. Due to the graphic nature of materials found on Live Gore, access is restricted to adults only(18+). !!Please leave this website if you under that age!!
Overkill Footage Found on Phone
Lima, Peru

5 Venezuelans were arrested after an attempted assault on a shopping center in Peru. The footage below was found on one of their phones.

The National Police explained that the detainees belonged to the criminal organization 'Los Malditos del Tren de Aragua' dedicated to robbery, extortion and homicide by hired killers.

The five detainees with Venezuelan nationality are: Mainel José Yepez Macayo 22 years old, José Rafael Zorrilla Velasquez 30 years old, Luis José Marcano García 23 years old, Victor Maniel Rivero Vasquez 18 years old and Maniel Eduardo Ruiz Balbuena 27 years old.
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