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Mississippi Store Clerk Executed After Complying with Robber
TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) - The man accused of murdering a store clerk in Tupelo appeared before a judge for the first time Tuesday morning.

Chris Copeland (C. C.), 26, of Tupelo, is charged with capital murder, meaning he’s eligible for the death penalty.

Tupelo police said C. C. tried to rob a Chevron store Sunday morning, Sept. 11. During the attempted robbery, he allegedly shot (P. S.), 33, of Tupelo, in the head.

During his court appearance, investigators said C. C. pretended to make a purchase and P. S. was behind the counter.

Police said P. S. surrendered some money and opened a safe for C. C.

C. C. then ordered P. S. to the floor, jumped over the counter, then shot the victim, according to authorities.

C. C. ripped out what he believed to be surveillance footage and left the store, police said.

“With 27 years in law enforcement, this may be one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen,” Police Chief John Quaka said. “The victim was literally executed in the back of the head inside his store where he was trying to make a living. It is just absolutely outrageous. The prosecutor said it best — ‘it’s monstrous.’”

C. C. was denied a bond.

Quaka said C. C. has a criminal history. He previously faced burglary and larceny charges. C. C. was free on MDOC probation at the time of his arrest on Sunday and had an outstanding warrant.
9,128 views Oct 9, 2022

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Funny video as always
0 votes
Oct 9, 2022
Dasgasdom3YT_ Experienced 266 points
Man thinks hes playing payday2
–1 vote
Oct 9, 2022
rawdawg Natural Addict 8,825 points
This why I say never, ever comply with these fuckin pricks, the vast majority is the criminal  black African (heretofore referred to as the nigger ape), compliance with these animals gets you nowhere, they will kill you regardless, so you fight with everything you got.  Be prepared, or be a victim.  
These armed store front robberies and killings are becoming more frequent.  Don't count on the cops to help or prevent anything, they always show up after the crime is over.

Always have your firearm ready, and you must learn to profile these fucks; here, a dark African wearing a hoodie ,- no brainer.
+2 votes
Oct 9, 2022
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,496 points
Agreed. They do not care about you, they will kill you as they please, if they please.
It might be considered racist of me, but I must agree with you.
gjmojo67 The Boss 35,904 points
Very nice speech but it does not matter the race of the robber;anyone will kill if convienant. If your are unarmed, there is no fight. You are spot on about being armed and being prepared and so forth. All the hatred and rage for a race is just ignorant; that is why white criminals alwas catch people by suprise. Everyone is so fixated on the stereotype "nigger ape" they forget there are other criminals too.
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,496 points
You are not able to understand that not anyone will kill if it is convenient, not as the nigger you are. Mercy actually works for real whites, this wouldn't have happened with a non-black robber.
Actible Experienced 439 points
You're the dumbass racist ape here
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,496 points
I wouldn't consider myself, or the white race, as apes. I identify as homo sapiens, while you probably are just a homo, you bonobo.
rawdawg Natural Addict 8,825 points
@Orion-14 you can considęr yourself queen tranny for that matter. But it sounds to me you, and the butt queer above you, condone what this scumbag ape did in this video. If this were my store your shit would checked at the door, and probably served up to a couple of pit bulls out back.
Orion-14 Natural Addict 9,496 points
I am condoning what the feral nigger did, he killed a for him harmless man, he took the life of an Arab, which was complying with the robber. All i am saying is that this wouldn't happen in all-white communities. Not with this violence and not nearly in that scale.
littlebababoi 1 point
this made me make cummies in my diapee
0 votes
Oct 10, 2022
chancho Omega 24,852 points
in brazil now they recommend you fight the robbers, because they're going to kill you anyway. usa is almost there
+3 votes
Oct 10, 2022
LeftismIsPure-Evil Intermediate 1,086 points
One less anti-white leech.
+3 votes
Oct 10, 2022
SNIFF MY BUTTCRACK Overlord 6,076 points
And of course, it's a
+1 vote
Oct 10, 2022
gjmojo67 The Boss 35,904 points
Sure is buddy!
JEONGYEON Extreme Poster 618 points
+2 votes
Feb 14, 2023
Actible Experienced 439 points
Dont leave witnesses or victims alive
0 votes
Mar 19, 2023
ButtholSquireBrah Extreme Poster 559 points
smh moon crickets
0 votes
Oct 19, 2023
Yucky Lord Paramount 358,601 points