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Many Deaths During Gang War in Prison
Brazil, A war between the criminal factions FDN (Northern Family) and PCC (First Command of the Capital) resulted in dozens of deaths yesterday in Manaus, Brazil.

The Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) does not confirm the figures, but sources of the Military Police (PM) report that about 60 inmates were killed. Most members of the CCP.

Authorities have not yet entered the premises and consequently have not taken control of the unit. According to the PM, several servers were taken hostage, among them doctors and nurses.

Some would have been released. All members of the corporation were called upon to act in an attempt to regain control of COMPAJ.

They are working agents of ROCAM, FERA of the Civil Police and Shock.

The Amazonas Public Security Secretariat (SSP-AM) did not release official figures on the number of deaths.

At the Antônio Trindade Criminal Institute (Ipat), Km 8 of BR-174, several prisoners fled in the afternoon of Sunday.

Some have already been recaptured. Military Police sources say more than 130 detainees fled the unit.

At least 60 inmates have been killed, many of them decapitated, in a prison riot in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus, officials said on Monday, in one of the worst incidents of jail violence in years in Brazil.

The 17-hour riot broke out on Sunday afternoon and lasted through the night at a prison on the outskirts of Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, Sergio Fontes, the public security secretary of the state, said.

"This is the biggest prison massacre in our state's history," Fontes said.

"Many (victims) were decapitated, and they all suffered a lot of violence," he told a press conference.

Two of the biggest crime gangs of Brazil began fighting last year over control of several prisons, and authorities in Amazonas believe that's the reason behind the first riot of 2017.
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KWAPT Level 1 8 points
Note to self: cancel trip to Manaus, Brazil.
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Jan 11
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