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Man Beaten And Tied A Girl
The incident took place in Ya Long Township, Dahua Yao Autonomous County in Hechi, Guangxi Province. A video shot by Internet users when he met a man who beaten and tied a girl in red with a rope as well as scolding her for being "chaotic". Then the man even tied the girl's legs to the back of a motorcycle and started the motorcycle dragging her hundreds of meters across the gravel road.

The local Public Security Bureau issued the suspect was the 38-year-old man, the girl's father, who had been arrested by the police. It was reported the suspect had violent tendency and domestic violence records. The abused girl was only 10 years old and studied in third grade.

The girl has been sent to Ya Long Township Hospital for examination and treatment. After the doctors initially diagnosed traumatic injuries on the arm and the back, but luckily was no life-threatening danger. The authorities have provided psychological counseling to the young girl.
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