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Man Plays With Grenade and Pays Price
He had a grenade in the koala and he blew his guts out in the middle of Petare street (Strong photo)

A man perished this Thursday morning suddenly after the bursting of a fragmentation grenade that he manipulated with his hands while walking in the vicinity of the main Turumo avenue of the Caucaguita parish, located in the Mirandino municipality of Sucre.

The explosive wave and the shrapnel released by the deadly explosion of the military use device tore the torso of the deceased: his inert body was lying face up on the pavement, with an immense hole in the abdominal portion through which his viscera fell. Both of his hands were mutilated by the detonation.

According to preliminary data procured by police sources, the deceased was identified as 22-year-old Yeison Argenis Parica Martinez, presumably accidentally activated the mechanism that ignites the explosive charge of the war weapon he carried in his koala while playing with it.

Added to the death of Martinez, another person who was close to him was injured in the bloody incident, however, was transferred to a nearby hospital by military officers of the National Guard. The event was denounced from early hours by the ex-police @Aurediego through his official Twitter account.

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