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19 Year Old Girl Shot and Killed After Marriage Refusal
A man who allegedly shot and killed a woman in India on June 9 for refusing a marriage proposal was remanded into police custody for 4 days.

CCTV footage shows that Mahwish was approached by the attacker when she was getting ready to go home from work. He cornered her on a stairwell in a street and held her at gunpoint. He was seen to have exchanged some words and manhandled her, right after which he opened fire.

The bus hostess was the sole breadwinner of her home after the death of her father.

She was shot and killed by Umer, a security guard working for the same company as her, allegedly for repeatedly refusing his marriage proposal.

Police, in a first investigation report registered in the woman's father's name, said that Umer used to work with the 19-year-old Mahwish in a different travel company.

According to police, Umer pressured the bus hostess to marry him and the latter repeatedly refused the offer.

In another video Mahwish and Umer were seen exchanging heated words, in which the latter is seen forcefully gripping her wrists and trying to attack her during a bus ride. The girl was shot and killed later that night.

In the video, Umer can be heard threatening Mahwish and saying, "You'll see what I would do when you get to the [bus] terminal."

CCTV footage shows Mahwish climbing the steps of a building at what seems to be a deserted bus terminal when a man yanks her arm to turn her around.

Mahwish tries to free herself from his grip before she is shot and left bleeding at the steps.

Mahwish's assailant fled the scene and she lost her life while undergoing treatment at a local hospital after she was shifted there.

The police arrested Umer on the night of the murder and claims that the suspect has confessed to committing the crime.

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